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The Crown Bridges project will connect the coastal city districts in eastern Helsinki with the inner city.

The project covers a tram line as well as pedestrian and bicycle routes between the city centre of Helsinki and Laajasalo. The tram line will offer a direct link to the metro, local trains and inner city tram routes.

The connection will form part of Helsinki’s core tram network as well as part of the city’s cycling network. The project will have an impact on the entire Helsinki metropolitan area public transport system.


Crown Bridges tram connection to Laajasalo

The population of Helsinki is predicted to grow by up to 250,000 inhabitants by 2050. This poses challenges for public transport and the city structure.

According to predictions, once completed, the tram line connection between Kruunuvuorenranta and Kalasatama would be used by around 37,000 people every day. Around 3,000 cyclists and pedestrians are predicted to use the route every day.

The objective of the City of Helsinki is to increase the proportion of journeys made using sustainable modes of transport. The Crown Bridges project will promote sustainable journeys by increasing the proportion of journeys made by walking, cycling and use of public transport in Helsinki.

Crown Bridges as a part of the transport system

Crown Bridges will form part of the rail transport network and a new core direction for rail transport. With the new line, public transport will connect the various regions even better than before. Thanks to the project, the conditions for cycling and walking will also be improved. The project will create a cycle path from the city centre to Laajasalo and bring Kalasatama within walking distance of the city centre. The project’s cycle paths will be connected as a part of the cycling network. The Crown Bridges project will reduce traffic growth on Laajasalontie and in Herttoniemi, as well as helping to preserve the metro’s functional capacity.

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