Helsinki New Horizons

Keeping Helsinki on the growth path is a theme of no small national importance in Finland. We are building new homes, day-care centres, schools, parks and streets to facilitate everyday excellence. We are welcoming new companies and offering premises for a whole range of business needs. As new districts are being built and existing areas are being revitalised in various ways, this sends a strong message: Helsinki is a very, very appealing place and both people and businesses want to make their homes here.



Towards a zero-emission maritime city journey

Beyond Helsinki’s stunning oceanic horizon lies a myriad of islands just waiting to be explored....


City Hall Lobby new meeting place for developers of Helsinki

Following a year of development work, the lobby of the Helsinki City Hall Lobby opens today with...


New, unique heat pump utilising sea water heat to be built in Vuosaari

Helen will build a heat pump in connection with the Vuosaari power plant, utilising the power...


Developers of Helsinki meet in the revamped City Hall lobby – opening on Tuesday

he lobby of the Helsinki City Hall will open under an entirely new concept. Henceforth, the lobby...


Thousands of ideas for the future of Malmi centre

The Malmi centre is a beloved and important place for the local residents. The future of the...


Cities decide the future of mankind – follow the seminar at Helsinki-kanava

The City of Helsinki and Mayor Jan Vapaavuori organise an discussion event on the role and...


The population growth of Helsinki slowed down and moved to Espoo and Vantaa

The population of Helsinki was 648,042 at the turn of the year 2018/2019. The population grew...


New Finnish Government must continue metropolitan policy

Continuity in metropolitan policy is emphasized in the objectives for the new Government...

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