Around 160 kilometres of cycling lanes underway

A network of trunk lanes for cycling traffic is being built in Helsinki. When the lane network is finished, there will be 160 kilometres of fast bike lanes in Helsinki, connecting the major residential and job districts.

There is a goal to increase the proportion public transport accounts for in the city centre and of all Helsinki traffic. An expansive, connected pedestrian centre is planned for the city centre. As the most recent project, Hämeentie from Hakaniemi to Kurvi was transformed into a public transport street.

Improving the pedestrian city centre in Helsinki

Helsinki city centre is a comfortable and safe place that is easy to access by metro, train, tram, bus, car or bike. There is a goal to increase the proportion public transport accounts for in the city centre and of all Helsinki traffic.

The easiest way to get around in the city centre is walking, and the City wants to facilitate this by creating a connected pedestrian city centre. The development of the pedestrian centre is currently being planned. Urho Kekkosen katu and part of Fredrikinkatu, as well as Hämeentie from Hakaniemi to Kurvi, have already been made into streets reserved for public transport.

Easy to cycle along Baanas

Baanas are cycling paths connecting the centre of Helsinki with the suburbs. The first Baana was built in a former railway depression between Kiasma and Ruoholahti. The lane is 1.3 kilometres long and about 700,000 cyclists have cycled along the path annually.

Pohjoisbaana, the northern Baana, was completed along the main railway line between Pasila and Käpylä in 2017.

The intention is to build more Baanas around the city.

The Helsinki City Rail Loop would add three new stations to Helsinki

The Helsinki City Rail Loop, currently under planning, would improve public transport connections throughout the entire city centre. The Helsinki City Rail Loop is a circular urban route for commuter trains, planned to be built underground below the city centre. The loop-shaped rail will start from Pasila. It would travel in a tunnel through Töölö, the city centre and Hakaniemi and then return to Pasila. The decision to construct the Helsinki City Rail Loop has not yet been made.

Parking in Helsinki city centre

Parking spaces are available in the city centre, especially in the underground parking garages. New underground parking garages are being planned underneath Hakaniemi Square and Katajanokka, as the latest projects.

Updated 12.3.2021