Helsinki city centre comprises 1,600,000 floor square metres of office, store and customer service facilities. The demand for these premises and their rent level is among the highest in Finland and their vacancy rate among the lowest in the country.

The most attractive business area in Finland

The Helsinki Metropolitan area plays a nationally major role as a growing – and the only – metropolitan area in Finland, promoting the country’s international competitiveness. The City is taking measures to secure successful business life and a diverse business structure to ensure that the City will be able to meet the market-based demand for business facilities – plots, premises and areas – that will continue to meet the companies’ needs in the future, for both current and completely new business operations.

In Helsinki city centre, as elsewhere in the inner city, new construction locations are hard to find, so demolishing old buildings and constructing new office facilities as well as complete building renovations will allow for the renewal and modernisation of building stock, thus also facilitating an increase in the number of jobs in the existing of renewed premises.

The functionalities in the area are dependent on each other’s presence and customer flows. Great national and international connections are the strength of the area.

The service map shows the public services available in the centre as well as some private services.

For companies

The constantly evolving city centre of Helsinki is an international hub of commerce, services and culture that provides diverse opportunities for business operations.

The city centre covers Torikorttelit, the South Harbour, Katajanokka, Töölönlahti, The Olympic Stadium, Töölö, Kamppi, Leppäsuo, Hakaniemi and the inner city centre. The renewed Töölönlahti invites more and more residents and tourists to enjoy the park and its many events and recreational opportunities.

New, interesting activities have popped up in the South Harbour area, such the Allas Sea Pool. The new Amos Rex art museum stands next to Lasipalatsi. The largest startup hub in the Nordic countries, Maria 01, is located in former hospital premises and has proved to be a successful endeavour from the very start.

Getting around in the city centre is easy: thanks to the versatile traffic connections, you can travel through the historic milieu conveniently by metro, tram, train and bus alike, and you are never more than two kilometres away from the Railway Station.

The excellent accessibility attracts large flows of both entrepreneurs and customers into the city centre. Thanks to this, the area is filled with small design boutiques and speciality stores as well as the HQs of international corporations – and it is also the home of the largest Nordic department store by surface area, Stockmann, now a traditional part of the city. In the centre of Helsinki, entrepreneurs are at the heart of Finnish business life, surrounded by many HQs and major corporations.

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Updated 12.3.2021