The district vision for Herttoniemi

The City of Helsinki is currently in the process of preparing a shared district vision for the district of Herttoniemi, meaning Herttoniemi, Herttoniemenranta and Roihuvuori. During the spring, we will be pondering what the district of Herttoniemi will be like in the future, and how our desired vision for its future could be achieved.

This vision will be prepared collaboratively between the district's residents and the City of Helsinki as well as organisations based in the area, such as Herttoniemi-seura ry, Hertsikan Pumppu, Eloa Herttoniemenrantaan ry and Roihuvuori-Seura ry. 

The vision for Herttoniemi extends up to approximately 2030. The district vision is an experimental project based on the City of Helsinki’s commitment to developing participation and the need to find new operating models in response to the merger of the City’s urban environment agencies into a single Urban Environment Division. The vision process provides residents with the opportunity to participate in the long-term planning of their everyday environment and creates a new, collaborative way to conduct urban development.

As part of the work on the vision, the City is also in the process of preparing three topical plans

  • The need for and location of future schools, day care centres, youth facilities and other public facilities
  • Planning and maintenance of streets, parks and green spaces (Herttoniemi area plan)
  • Planning principles of the Länsi-Herttoniemi complementary building plan




Updated 17.4.2018
Take part in the open vision evenings


25 April at 4:30pm at Herttoniemen yhteiskoulu, address Kettutie 6.

The vision will be published in August in connection with the town festival.

Link to the vision evening material (only available in Finnish)

Link to the Finnish website (includes material collected in the Helsinki 2050 online survey in 2013)

For more information on the project, please contact Interactivity Planner Tiina Antila-Lehtonen, firstname.lastname(a), telephone +358 (0)9 310 37436​