Encircled by sea bays, Hakaniemi is a jagged, still developing area of trade, jobs, culture and housing, whose heart beats at the Hakaniemi Market Square and in the old Market Hall.

The Hakaniemi Market Square’s monumental dimensions, and the building stock surrounding it, constitute one of the best known public spaces in Helsinki. Particular landmarks in the vicinity of the market square are the Ympyrätalo (“circle house”) and the Hakaniemi market hall.

The market square and the market hall are still deemed to be the citizens’ own places, where people come from near and far for shopping and coffee. Food in its different forms is one of the key elements in the identity of the area. In addition to the market square and the market hall, there are several restaurants, cafés and ethnic shops. Jobs and housing together make possible the lively street-level world in the area, where specialised shop, cafés and restaurants prosper.

The sea has been and is still an essential part of Hakaniemi’s identity. The market square has views towards Siltavuorensalmi and the are also restaurant ships at the Hakaniemenranta quay.

Hakaniemi is being developed together

The development of Hakaniemi is done together, with many participating parties who own real estate in the area, carry out construction contracting or build there themselves and develop business activities. During the next few years, the area will be developed, among others, by the city of Helsinki, Antilooppi, YLVA (Asset management of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki), HKL and Senaatti, as well as by local small-scale entrepreneurs, residents and a number of other companies and public actors.

Hakaniemi’s city structural position changes decisively, when the areas of Kalasatama and Pasila are completed. The emphasis of the city centre moves towards the north and the trade centre area also expands northward. New bridge connections and the densification of the urban structure change the position of Hakaniemi. The Crown Bridges light rail link from the Nihti direction and the Helsinki City Rail Loop enable Hakaniemi's position as a central part of the Helsinki city centre area.

Updated 18.2.2021