Helsinki’s Hakaniemi area develops heavily during the 2020's Landmark buildings and historical environments paired with modern premises, services and restaurant culture.


The construction plans for Hakaniemenranta include housing quarters, a hotel, business premises and public waterfront. The construction work will start in 2024.

An important goal is to provide for new public waterfront areas on both sides of Siltavuorensalmi. The recreation areas will be expanded and the proximity to the sea emphasised. The Siltavuorensalmi shore zone (Signe Branderin terassi, Merihaanpuisto and Kirjanpuisto) becomes new space for waterfront life and street-level services in the area.

According to the urban planning, there will be space for around 3,500 new residents between Sörnäisten rantatie and the sea. The detailed planning is still in progress.

Visualization of the new Hakaniemenranta quarters

Hotel project part of the reshaping of Hakaniemenranta

If the new hotel in Hakaniemi is carried out according to the winning idea of the architectural design competition, there will be a passage from Hakaniemi market square through the hotel building to the shoreline. Also in the plan is a hotel terrace that descends in steps to the waterfront. In this way, the hotel would create a new kind of city space for all citizens.

Visualization of the new hotel. © Snøhetta


New housing quarters are built in Sörnäistenranta and Suvilahti, when Sörnäisten rantatie is rerouted and Hakaniemi and Merihaka are densified. The planned quarters make up a coherent whole alongside Sörnäisten rantatie. The quarters cover the Suvilahti waterfront from the noise generated by the traffic on Sörnäisten rantatie, and the Suvilahti water area is surrounded by buildings. A secluded pedestrian street is formed along the waterfront. A new park for local recreation opens up towards the sea at the junction between the new quarters and Merihaka. The basic structure of the quarters is connected to the Kalasatama tramline.

Hakaniemi market square and market hall

The legendary Hakaniemi market hall is restored to its former glory, when the three-year renovation is completed in 2021. Until then, the shopkeepers have continued to cater to the needs of the customers and visitors in a temporary pavilion hall on Hakaniemi market square.

When the renovation is completed, the shopkeepers return to the authentic and original hall and the temporary hall is removed out of the way of the market square activities.


When the city administration moves to Kalasatama, Siltasaarenportti is left available to the new joint Lyyra quarter for science and economy.

The old municipal office buildings will be demolished and replaced by a new hotel, office premises and a residential building for international researchers. The total extent of YLVA’s Science and economy quarter LYYRA (Siltasaarenkatu 13 / Toinen Linja 7) is 20,800 floor square metres.

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Siltasaari 10

Real estate company Antilooppi has started significant construction works in Hakaniemi with the demolition works on the house at Siltasaarenkatu 6. The new building and the Elanto building next to it at Siltasaarenkatu 8-10 will be renovated into Siltasaari 10 – a stylish new complex of office and work spaces, restaurants, cafés and business premises. The project will be completed at the end of 2021.

Antilooppi also owns Ympyrätalo in Hakaniemi and it is planning an underground parking facility below Hakaniemi market square.

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University of the Arts Helsinki

The new University of the Arts Helsinki will be built along Sörnäisten rantatie on the plot of an old mill.

Visualization of the new University of the Arts building

Haapaniemenkatu 4

A business and residential building with mainly eight storeys is being planned in Vilhovuori, Sörnäinen, along Haapaniemenkatu. A public pedestrian route is enabled trough the plot. The aim is that the land use planning starts in the beginning of 2020 and that the detailed plan proposal is presented to the committee in autumn 2020.

Previously, the plot had a state office building built in the 1970s, which was demolished in 2017. The change of the detailed plan is based on the winning proposal of the planning and plot conveyance competition arranged jointly by Senaatti-kiinteistöt, the Finnish Association of Architects and the city of Helsinki. It has been estimated that the construction on the plot can begin during 2021, when the land use planning of the area has been completed.

Visualization of the new building at Haapaniemenkatu 4


Updated 24.2.2020