Hernesaari, the new waterfront development in southern Inner Helsinki, will be a major visitor attraction, a vibrant neighbourhood with housing, tourism and leisure, where chiefly homes will be built (for 7,500 residents), and where there will be workplaces as well (around 4,000 jobs).

A third cruise ship berth will be added to the two births already existing in the area for the annually over 400,000 cruise passengers. Beside the recently built public seashore sauna Löyly (2016), other tourist and leisure services, too, are planned in the area: a marina, a water sports centre, and a public beach with exercise facilities in the seafront park. With these amenities, Hernesaari will be an attractive location for maritime tourism.

Helsinki’s absolute city centre is not far away, and in future, people can go there by tram from Hernesaari. A network of pedestrian and cycle lanes, too, makes for smooth transport.

The existing buildings in Hernesaari will be demolished, apart from the Ford factory building, the Munkkisaari industrial building, and the grain silos. The public seashore sauna Löyly and seafront Café Birgitta, too, will also remain in Hernesaari.

The guiding idea of the town plan for Hernesaari is to complement the existing urban structure of Inner Helsinki and to provide public transport by tram. Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, too, will be a focus. In short: the town plan supports a sustainable urban structure.

Hernesaari will mainly be built in the 2020s.

Updated 18.2.2021