Hernesaari aims for enjoyable, high-quality urban living in apartment buildings. This high-quality district ensures a diverse population and housing structure that favours various forms of housing, a broad selection thereof, and new types of urban housing.

Outdoor activities and experiences at Hernesaari

A beach park that connects to Pyhän Birgitan puisto is planned for the eastern edge of Hernesaari. It will form an extension of the chain of parks on the inner city’s southern shore and continue all the way to Hernesaari boat harbour in the south. The maritime, easily accessible park and its functions will become an important destination for the local residents, city dwellers and tourists.

The park section at Hernesaarenranta will be some 750 metres long. It will span a total of 7.5 hectares, with a width that varies between approximately 40 and 70 metres.

Which kinds of apartments and houses will be built in Hernesaari?

Hernesaari will offer a varied selection of housing. In accordance with the city of Helsinki’s housing and land use policy, the area will have owner-occupied apartments, privately financed and state-subsidised rental dwellings, right-of-occupancy apartments, price regulated Hitas apartments and apartments for students and senior citizens. One fourth of the apartments will be Ara rental dwellings, while Hitas regulated apartments and right-of-occupancy apartments will amount to 30%. The rest will be unregulated owner-occupied apartments and rental dwellings.

Hernesaari will also have several group construction projects that experiment with various models and concepts for housing.

Nomenclature for Hernesaari

The Helsinki nomenclature committee has discussed the nomenclature in Hernesaari and proposed a theme of exotic sea fauna and undersea formations, such as Meduusankatu (“Medusa Street”), Merihevosenkatu (“Seahorse Street”) and Laguunikatu (“Lagoon Street”).

The nomenclature in Hernesaari will share a natural connection with the themes in nearby Jätkäsaari, which include seafaring routes, port cities, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea

Updated 26.10.2020