The city block structure in Hernesaari will be dense and urban.

Local master plan

The local master plan for Hernesaari has been approved by the Helsinki Administrative Court and the plan has become final on 18 April 2019.

According to the local master plan, Hernesaari and its surrounding water areas may be used for planning housing and jobs as well as harbour and park areas. The area of the local master plan spans some 33 hectares and it is owned by the City of Helsinki. Land use planning has been started at the initiative of the city.

The local master plan is a general description of how housing, jobs and recreation areas will be placed in a new area. The local master plan guides the detailed planning of the area and the creation of the local detailed plan.

Use this link to read about the land use planning process.

Land use planning is in progress

The local master plan for Hernesaari was approved by the City Council on 17 January 2018.

In addition to Hernesaari itself, the local detailed plan for Hernesaari concerns its surrounding water areas to the south of Matalasalmenkuja and Eiranranta. The purpose of the local detailed plan amendment is to integrate the area to the inner city in terms of structure and cityscape, and to create versatile and distinctive apartment blocks. New and original urban housing solutions are also being sought for the area.

The city block structure in Hernesaari will be dense and urban. The plan solution allows for housing, jobs, and port and park areas. In addition to the two current places, a third pier place for cruise ships has been reserved in the southern part of Hernesaari. The boat harbour built in the southern part of the area is planned to include functions related to boat maintenance and storage, as well as a guest boat harbour.

A snow reception area is planned on the south side of the boat harbour. A seaside park with local sports services and a water sports centre is being planned for the eastern shore of Hernesaari. The current seaside park will be widened for Merisatama and Eiranranta, and it will also include a beach.

During the summer months, the seaside park and boat harbours in Hernesaari offer diverse sports, restaurant and wellness services to the local residents, other city dwellers and cruise passengers arriving in Hernesaari. The backbone of the plan is Laivakatu, a curved collector street that runs from north to south in the middle of the area. New residential areas and a seaside park that extends as a continuous park zone all the way to Eteläsatama are being planned for the area east of Laivakatu. The west side will be home to the existing and new workplace areas and the boat harbour and cruise port.

The existing climate conditions and seawater wave heights prevent building all the way to the shoreline. The plan for Hernesaari takes in to account floods caused by rising sea levels and local heavy rainfall. The plan also takes into account that the area is exposed to winds, especially from the sea.

Updated 26.10.2020