Hernesaari offers good light traffic connections to the heart of the city. The public transport solution for Hernesaari is based on a tram connection.

Walking, cycling and public transport

Hernesaari will become a southern extension of the inner city, with good connections to the centre on foot, by bike and on board public transport. The public transport solution for Hernesaari is based on a tram connection that will run from Hernesaari via Eiranranta and Telakkakatu onto Bulevardi. A traffic plan that prepares for the Hernesaari tram connection has already been drawn up for these streets. The connection will put Hernesaari in an even more central role in the urban structure.

In Hernesaari, tram traffic will have a separate lane, isolated from vehicle traffic, and a tram turning place will be reserved in the southern part of the area. Three stops are planned for Hernesaari. The functions planned for Hernesaari will be a maximum of 300 metres away from the nearest stop, with the exception of the southernmost tip.

Hernesaari is part of the inner city’s main bicycle traffic network, which means that smooth, obstacle-free walking and cycling routes will be planned for Hernesaari. There are plans to build two water bus piers in the area, one in the eastern shore boat harbour near Cafe Birgitta and another in the southern part of the area, near the larger boat harbour.

Hernesaari will have new walking and cycling connections to Laivakatu and the seaside park. The walking and cycling connections at Hernesaari complement the route circling the shores of Helsinki.

Car traffic

Traffic estimates say that weekday traffic in Hernesaari will be about 8,500 cars per day. Hernesaari will connect to the surrounding street network via Laivakatu and Hernesaarenranta. The street network in the area is being planned with an emphasis on traffic safety and fluent public transport. Laivakatu, which runs through Hernesaari from the north to the south, is a local collector street that connects the area to the current street network via Eiranranta and Hylkeenpyytäjänkatu. Traffic is routed to the area’s access roads via Laivakatu.

Good public transport and walking and cycling connections make smooth mobility possible even without a passenger car. Public transport service levels will improve when a tram connection is built on Telakkakatu. In addition to Hernesaari, the new tram line will serve current residents in south-western Helsinki.

Hernesaari will also have heavy traffic, especially on the street adjacent to the port area. This is generated by the operation of the cruise port in the summer and the reception of snow in the winter. Heavy traffic on the collector street and the residential area access roads will be low, as a suction collection system is planned for waste management.

Two thirds of the traffic exiting Hernesaari will likely head north on Telakkakatu, while one third will had east on Eiranranta. According to the estimate, the addition to traffic on the access roads of southern Helsinki will be small.

The added traffic will, for its part, hinder the flow of traffic mostly on Telakkakatu during peak hours. Traffic generated by Hernesaari may also hinder the flow of traffic in Hietalahdenranta, Mechelininkatu and the Porkkalankatu off-ramps.


In Hernesaari, parking places for the residents and workplaces will be built below yard decks in the blocks and in three above-ground parking garages that allow for centralised parking solutions and the more efficient use of parking spaces.

The parking area located alongside Eiranranta will be removed with the changing street line. A total of some 130 parking spaces will be removed from the public parking areas. These parking spaces have been used for cars in the summer and for the winter storage of boats.

In addition to street parking, a 60-space parking area will remain in the area to serve the customers of the future beach and other public use. Winter storage for boats will be made possible in the port area of the Hernesaari cruise port.

Trial area for market-based parking

Hernesaari will become the City of Helsinki’s trial area for market-based parking. The pilot tests waiving the parking place ordinance and applying a market-based parking method to the housing production process. In market-based parking, the number of parking places is not set in the local detailed plan; instead, those undertaking construction projects will build a number of parking places that they determine to be correct.

The transition to market-based parking is recorded in the Helsinki city strategy, and its purpose is to control construction costs. The City of Helsinki aims to experiment with market-based parking in Hernesaari, Hakaniemenranta and Nihti in Kalasatama.

Cruise port

Helsinki wants to reinforce its attractiveness as a destination for cruise tourism. More pier space will be built at Hernesaari dock, allowing three large cruise ships to visit Hernesaari at the same time. Space reservations for travel-related services and buses will be made in the area and its vicinity, along routes used by tourists. Light traffic and public transport connections will be developed between the centre and the cruise port. The pedestrian traffic, bus traffic and service traffic required for the port operations is also taken into account in the area’s overall planning.

The port area will have walking connections and service connections as well as driveways for tour buses ordered by the cruise lines. The dimensioning of the street area bordering the port has ensured that each of the three ship piers has a traveller gate for passengers on foot and sufficient parking for tourist traffic. The port area can also be used for other harbour operations and for the storage of boats during the winter months.

Boat harbour and sailing centre

A boat harbour is being planned for the southern tip of Hernesaari. In addition to normal harbour operations, its main objective is to enable the organising of important international sailing events, presentation of the hobby, and training. The boat harbour will also act as a guest boat harbour with the necessary services. Water bus traffic and customers arriving by boat to use the commercial services on the shore will be able to use the pier in Hernesaari seaside park, near Cafe Birgitta.

The open sea ridges, favourable winds and moderate waves near the city centre make Helsinki one of the best places in the world for competitive sailing. The sailing centre being built in the area also allows visitors to familiarise themselves with surfing, kiteboarding, dinghies and other, mainly non-motorised maritime hobbies.

Updated 1.6.2020