In terms of job structure, Hernesaari is being developed as a versatile extension of the inner city.

Job structure

Hernesaari’s special characteristics include leisure and tourism related businesses and wellness services. Reservations are also made for a hub of trade and activity related to leisure time and boating. As regards commercial services, the aim is to attract both functional local services and commercial services on a regional scale, such as restaurants and cafés.

Public services, such as day-care centres and schools, will be dimensioned according to internal needs.

Services and restaurants at street level

Business premises at Hernesaari will be at street level. They are planned for the ground floors of buildings near streets, squares and shore areas. Hernesaari will in part rely on the existing nearby basic services. Good daily services will reduce the need for residents to take their business further away.

Based on the estimated number of residents in the area and the purchasing power it creates, retail trade is expected to require approximately 16,900 m2 of floor space. Of this, grocery stores will amount to 3,600 floor square metres. In addition to the retail business, demand for other commercial services and restaurants is expected to amount to around 14,000 floor square metres. Hernesaari is also expected to have demand for small-scale business and office premises.

The focus areas for services will be formed in the northern part of Hernesaari, near the boat harbour in the southern part, and the restaurants in the apartment blocks bordering Hernesaarenranta.

Cluster of maritime services

Hernesaari will turn into a maritime district close to the centre. Hernesaari offers attractive locations for restaurant and service clusters that receive added value from the maritime environment.

The seaside park and cruise port, boat harbour and water sports centre, beach and hotel and any possible cultural services will attract visitors and customers from outside the area. These functions also provide city dwellers with the opportunity to utilise the sea, while creating a setting for a living urban space.

Hernesaari will have a versatile, nationally attractive cluster of tourism and leisure time services. The open sea landscape in the seaside park, the beach, public sauna, restaurants and cafés, local sports services and water sports centre form an attractive complex for city dwellers and tourists to spend their leisure time in.

Public services at Hernesaari

The services being located in Hernesaari will complement the city’s service network. The accessibility of the services is ensured by means of functional public transport and light traffic connections. Their need and the related projects will be specified as planning progresses. Public services, such as day-care centres and schools, will be dimensioned according to the area’s internal needs.

Social and health care services

Social and health care services for Hernesaari will be offered as part of the southern area’s and inner city’s services. Hernesaari is aiming for an obstacle-free environment and accessible living. The planning is also preparing for special housing being placed in the apartment blocks.

Day-care services

Hernesaari is part of the day care district of Kallio-Ullanlinna-Vironniemi. The need for day care and facilities at Hernesaari will be assessed as part of the day care service network when planning progresses. According to the construction and population forecast for Hernesaari, the estimated need for day care services will be some 200–250 places. Preparations are made for a day-care centre located in the city block area with an estimated size of 2,000–2,500 floor square metres. Additionally, the planning prepares for one smaller day-care centre.

Schools and youth activities

In the Hernesaari area, preparations are being made for a comprehensive school to be located in connection with the day-care centre services. The school will have an area of at least 5,000 floor square metres. It will be located on the northern side of the area. An all-year outdoor court with a size of 40 x 60 metres will be built next to the school. A dedicated youth centre is not planned for Hernesaari.

Current actors in the area

Hernesaari has been a shipyard for decades. The shipyard that moves away from the Hernesaari construction area will continue to operate on the north side of the area, in Hietalahti. The lease agreement for the shipyard will remain in force until the 2030s.

With the construction of Hernesaari, the current industrial buildings and warehouses in the area will be torn down, with the exception of the Ford factory building, the Munkkisaari industrial house and the state grain silos. The goal is for these culturally important buildings to remain as landmarks of the area’s past, even though their purpose will change. The Löyly sauna and Cafe Birgitta, both later developments, will also continue to operate in Hernesaari.

The PPJ football club airdome will be relocated from Hernesaari to Jätkäsaari in 2021. The local detailed plan for Hernesaari contains a reservation for sports activities to the south of the Ford house, allowing for the construction of a sports hall and ice rinks to serve the local residents.

The operation of Jääherne and the Lindgren boatyard will continue in Hernesaari for the time being.

Updated 26.10.2020