Honkasuo is primarily a residential neighbourhood, but there’s room for small businesses and pilots to advance co-working and other new ways of working. With about 2,000 residents by mid-2020’s, the new community will also feature a solid consumer base. The sustainable “green village” ideology is one possible rallying point for future business ventures. The pre-construction efforts in Honkasuo started in the spring of 2013, with the actual residential construction kick-off following in 2015. The first residents moved into the neighbourhood in June 2016.

Climate Wisdom   

The zoning plan requires for low energy construction and the utilisation of renewable energy in Honkasuo. The Honkasuo lifecycle ideology of ‘Climate Wisdom’ stresses sustainability from the initial planning and construction to the various phases of residential use. “Green building” techniques – such as storm water management and repurposing of excavation/land masses – are encouraged in the realisation of the area.

Furthermore, an entire block of extremely energy-efficient wood apartment buildings (with 116 apartments) has been raised in the area, marking the first time a passive energy level wood apartment building project has been realised in Helsinki.  

Main Street Appeal

Business opportunities in Honkasuo are focused around the Perhosenniitty Park and the main street which is slated to feature small-scale commercial and work space on the street level. 
While the community is committed to curbing CO2 emissions, one way to achieve this is remote working – and Honkasuo could well be one of the pioneers in this arena.

Updated 1.4.2019