Honkasuo is a new community that utilises wood to the max. In fact, when it comes to residential development, Honkasuo is the biggest new wood construction area in Helsinki. All local buildings are made of wood – now and in the future. By mid-2020’s, Honkasuo will be a “modern village” with 2,000 residents and plenty of community spirit.   


Born Sustainable

The zoning plan calls for low energy construction and the utilisation of renewable energy here. The community deploys a lifecycle ideology where sustainability issues are a high priority from the initial planning and construction to the various phases of residential use. 

The stated goal of the entire neighbourhood is to bring down CO2 emissions when possible. In addition, “green building” techniques are used when applicable; for example, storm waters are managed via natural methods and various excavation/land masses are put to good use elsewhere within the community.

An entire block of extremely energy-efficient wood apartment buildings has been raised in the area, with 116 apartments. This marks the first time when a passive energy level wood apartment building project has been realised in Helsinki.  

Moving In

The first residents moved into the neighbourhood in June 2016 and the construction efforts are ongoing. The building of streets and municipal infrastructure is taking place in tune with residential construction. The heart of the community will be the Perhosniitty Park (Butterfly Meadow), a green area surrounded by various types of residential solutions from single-family houses to apartment buildings. 

Perhosniitty Park features ample space for various games and sports as well as playgrounds. Furthermore, there’s small-scale urban farming plots available for those residents with green thumbs.   

For the most part, the local buildings have 2-5 storeys and are quite colourful – actually, no house has a colour identical to its neighbour. There are residential solutions available for rent, as well as for purchase.

Perfect Village

According to the plans, the Honkasuo main street will feature commercial and work space on the street level, contributing to the creation of local services. Boosting remote working via, for instance, co-working solutions is another goal. Over all, the local street network is designed in a way which bends and curves – contributing to the main idea of modern village – which means that speeds are kept to minimum and the community is always pedestrian-friendly.

The nearest school and daycare centre are within walking distance, in neighbouring Pihkapuisto. There is also a plot reservation for the community’s own daycare centre; the goal is for the daycare centre to open its doors in autumn 2022. 

Access to Services

Presently, the local construction efforts focus on the eastern and central parts of Honkasuo. The buildings range from single family houses and terraced houses to small apartment buildings and renting is a possibility here alongside home ownership.

Honkasuo is conveniently located close to Myyrmäki centre (north from Honkasuo, in Vantaa) which features excellent commercial services as well as diverse public, cultural and sports related offering. To the south, one finds Malminkartano with plenty of services and connectivity (such as rail). 

The local public transportation focuses on buses; the end of the line for Helsinki Metropolitan Area core bus line 560 is located right next to Honkasuo. The 560 line runs from Rastila (Helsinki) to Myyrmäki (Vantaa). Furthermore, Helsinki bus line 37 runs from Honkasuo (end of the line) all the way to downtown Helsinki. 

Updated 4.2.2020