The future Itäkeskus – the urban centre of East Helsinki – will combine all that is essential in a city: people from different backgrounds, a marketplace, culture, work, relaxation – day and night coming together.

In the coming years, more commercial premises and other business premises and housing will be built in Itäkeskus. The new Itäkeskus keeps growing, and its status as the hub of transport and services in East Helsinki will be strengthened further. At the same time, the area’s external appearance will be improved, public outdoor spaces will be developed, and the population will increase, particularly in the centre blocks.

The district will develop and grow busier in the coming years thanks to Jokeri Light Rail and other projects. A public transport terminal to act as the terminus of this crosstown light rai line will be built at the location of the current metro station and bus terminal. This Jokerikortteli block will have a building on top of the existing metro station, which will feature commercial and residential spaces, in addition to the terminal for the metro, Jokeri Light Rail and feeder transport.

Puhos shopping centre will undergo a major renovation. Based on the planning principles prepared for the area, the newer sections of the shopping centre would be demolished while the oldest section from the 1960s would be preserved and renovated. The aim is to build housing in place of the demolished sections, as well as new commercial premises to serve various business needs. The detailed planning for Puhos will likely start in 2022.

Updated 19.8.2021