The user base of Itäkeskus services comes from all around the eastern major district, which has a population of 110,000. Only one metro stop away, Myllypuro will have the world’s smartest campus for the property and construction industries. Its thousands of students and teachers will also increase the visitor numbers at the shops and restaurants in Itäkeskus.

Superior services in Itäkeskus

Itis, one of the largest shopping centres in Finland, has over 120 shops, 50 services and dozens of restaurants and cafés. There is also a nine-auditorium Finnkino cinema in the middle of the shopping centre, and the first IMAX cinema in Finland.

Easton shopping centre on the other side of Itäväylä is accessible from Itis via the covered pedestrian and commercial bridge of Hansasilta. Easton mainly focuses on food. In addition to the K-Citymarket grocery market, it also houses several restaurants. There is also a Prisma market on the other side of the junction of Itäväylä and Ring I.

The surroundings of Itäkeskus also include Cultural Centre Stoa, Iiris service and activity centre for people with visual impairments, and a library, swimming hall and tennis centre Smash Center.

Myllypuro Campus

The City built a campus for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences at the border of Itäkeskus, in Myllypuro. The same campus area will also have a hub for the construction industry students of Helsinki Vocational College. Together, the operations of Metropolia and Helsinki Vocational College form a campus for smart and clean solutions. The students at the hub will study to become professionals in the property and construction sector in close cooperation with each other and companies from various fields.

The campus will also have a new upper secondary school of languages, which will replace the one in Itäkeskus. The new school will have room for about 300 more students than the current school.

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Updated 23.8.2021