Itäkeskus already has excellent public transport connections thanks to the metro. Itäkeskus Metro Station sees almost 40,000 users a day. However, the connections will improve further as Itäkeskus will become a key transport hub in the eastern side of the City and an intersection when the Jokeri Light Rail is finished in the near future.

Jokeri Light Rail

Jokeri Light Rail is a type of tramway, a regional and circular public transport connection. It runs from Itäkeskus to Keilaniemi via Oulunkylä, Pitäjänmäki and Leppävaara. The rail line has transfer connections to the metro in Itäkeskus and Otaniemi and to local trains in Oulunkylä, Huopalahti and Leppävaara. 

There will also be many workplaces and residential buildings and areas built alongside the light rail line. One of the new areas is Karhunkaataja. It will be built north of the Roihupelto industrial area, between Myllypuro and Herttoniemi. At the same time, the Roihupelto industrial area will be modified and built into a modern and more efficient workplace and education cluster.

Updated 23.8.2021