Jätkäsaari – Business Reach by the Sea

Jätkäsaari is a great location for businesses big and small. Thanks to the great location and the marine environment, there are plenty of opportunities in this up-and-coming neighbourhood. Presently, Jätkäsaari is already home to 10,000 residents.

It’s noteworthy that the neck of land connecting Jätkäsaari to mainland Helsinki is located a mere 1.5 km from Helsinki Central Railway Station. The area enjoys stellar public transport and street connections as well as a highly active passenger terminal. There are corporate opportunities here via the availability of both street-front shops and office buildings.

Länsisatama Harbour Drives Growth

The passenger harbor, Länsisatama, is one of the drivers in the area. Serving predominantly the routes between Helsinki and Tallinn and Helsinki and St. Petersburg, the passenger harbour has been increasing its volumes lately.

Approximately 6,5 million passengers pass through the harbour every year. By 2030, there may be as many as nine million passengers annually. The route between the “twin cities” Helsinki and Tallinn is especially popular.

Entrepreneurial Edge

Jätkäsaari is fast on its way to becoming a solid area for commercial pursuits, with easy access to the city centre, as well as to the east and west. The vicinity to the city centre – along with the growing demand for various kinds of services – makes Jätkäsaari an attractive location for entrepreneurs.

By 2030, in addition to its 21,000 residents, Jätkäsaari services will be utilised by people travelling through the passenger harbour, staying in hotels, using the local sports centre or working in the area.

Compact Package

In Jätkäsaari, ground floors of residential buildings along the main streets are utilised for business use, and the largest commercial premises will be situated in the district’s central blocks, with additional office space being built near the harbour.

Smaller businesses can opt for a street-front location. The street-front shops on the ground floors of residential and office buildings are mainly located along the main streets, enjoying close proximity to tram stops.

In the coming years, more grocery stores, specialty shops, cafés and restaurants will be built in order to meet the needs of residents, employees and visitors in Jätkäsaari. This compact new district will be fully integrated to the city centre, with a strong focus on versatile services.

Lots Still Available

Jätkäsaari offers opportunities for businesses of many sizes, with the availability of office space in several places. The Central Quarters of Jätkäsaari, located by the port, will offer a range of services, shops, offices and apartments. Both the general concept and the detailed plan of the central blocks are still in the planning stage. The local plan of Jätkäsaari permits the construction of office space in the passenger harbour areas.

The Central Quarters will become the neighborhood’s main destination for everyday shopping, groceries and services. In this mixed-use block, shops and services will be located at the street level with apartments above. In addition, there will be three architecturally significant residential towers of varying heights.

The two plots at Länsisatamankatu 18 are situated in one of the most central locations in Jätkäsaari, by the intersection of two current tram lines. The neighbourhood’s shopping mall will be located across the street.

Great Connectivity

In the planning of Jätkäsaari, the development of a comprehensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths, as well as a smooth public transport system, is a big priority. Jätkäsaari can be reached by tram, with a metro station located in close proximity in the neighbouring area of Ruoholahti. This is good news for local businesses, their employees and customers.

Furthermore, companies are firmly connected to Tallinn due to the harbour, and to the rest of the world, thanks to the Helsinki International Airport. 

All trams feature their own lanes in the middle of main streets to facilitate smooth flow of traffic, meeting both the needs of the growing area and the passenger harbour. For those driving in, there’s customer parking available along the streets.

A circular loop tramline will service the entire district by early 2020’s; already, there are four tram lines making the rounds here.

Jätkäsaari by the numbers

Residents by 2030

  • 21,000

Jobs by 2030

  • 6,000


  • Metro
    9 min from city centre (Ruoholahti station)
  • Tram
    10 min from city centre (lines 8,9, 6T and 7)
  • Ferry
    2 hours from Tallinn
  • 1.9 km from main railway station
  • 23.0 km (45 minutes) from Helsinki International Airport

Corporate & commercial spaces

  • 55,000 m² ground floor
  • 400,000 m² business/commercial premises


  • Länsisatama Passenger Terminal 2017
  • Upcoming attraction: renewed Bunker

District highlights

  • Länsisatama harbour
  • IT superstore Verkkokauppa.com
  • Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Updated 22.10.2020