In the future, Jätkäsaari will have diverse public and private services. Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School is already in operation, and the five existing daycare centres will be complemented with new ones as the number of residents increases. Commercial services will also increase gradually. As construction progresses, the area will include a sports park, the first field of which is already in use. Furthermore, a swimming hall and other leisure facilities will be built in the area in the future.

Comprehensive public services

Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School was completed in August 2019 in the vicinity of the sports park and Bunkkeri. Daycare centres Jaala, Saukko, Jätkäsaari and the Swedish-language Pärlan have also already started operations. The final number and schedule of daycare centres will be determined based on the population forecast.

Two community centres will also be built in the area, the first of which has been completed. The building houses a daycare centre and grades 1–2 of comprehensive school until the school is finished. The second community centre is being planned for the Melkinlaituri area.

In addition to the sports services around Bunkkeri, a concentration of local services is being planned for the area.

There are round-the-clock postal services in Jätkäsaari in connection with

Schedules for the construction of services will be refined as construction of the district progresses.

Exercise and hobbies

Jätkäsaari will offer numerous opportunities for exercise and recreational activities. Hyväntoivonpuisto Park, which runs through the area, and the seashores open to all are great for outdoor activities and leisure.

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park is not only a recreational area, but also a green route for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The park is as wide as Esplanade Park, but two and a half times longer – about one kilometre long. The park will be implemented in stages, and its northern part is already completed. Furthermore, there will be a swimming spot and local sports equipment at the southern tip of Hyväntoivonpuisto.

The shores of Jätkäsaari are available for use by residents. There is a marina on the northern bank at Saukonpaasi, opposite Ruoholahti. A sailboat marina and berths for motorboats are also being planned for the area.

Exercise facilities at Bunkkeri

In the future, Bunkkeri will have a swimming hall and other exercise facilities. The swimming hall will be located on the first floor and the other exercise facilities will be on the second and third floors.

There will be a two-storey-high exercise and ball game hall, a climbing wall, a gym, dance and gymnastics halls and a balcony for independent exercise. In addition to these, Bunkkeri will have a running track of about 200 metres. The total area of the exercise facilities will be 13,000 square metres, of which the swimming hall will account for about 5,000 square metres. The swimming hall will have pools for many different uses, from competitive swimming to hydrobics.

Schoolchildren will also use the exercise facilities at Bunkkeri. Until the completion of Bunkkeri, schoolchildren will use a temporary sports hall in the vicinity of the school and Bunkkeri.

Sports park for sports, games and recreation

To the south of Bunkkeri, there is a five-hectare sports park under construction that is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. The park will be a great place for a variety of exercise activities for both casual exercisers and active athletes.

The sports park will have two full-sized football fields, small playing fields and courts and areas for recreation and leisure activities. The park will include facilities for volleyball, street basketball and tennis, as well as a variety of athletics. In winter, one of the football fields will be frozen as an artificial skating rink. Furthermore, the area is crisscrossed by jogging trails, and there will be a local sports facility.

The first football field of the sports park and the skatepark were completed in the autumn of 2019. The rest of the park will be built starting from the west. The air-supported dome of the second football field has hosted games from November 2020 onwards.

Jätkäsaari Information Centre and Library

At Jätkäsaari Information Centre and Library, you can borrow books and get information about the construction of the area.

Jätkäsaari Information Centre and Library provides both library services and information on the construction of the area. You can learn about the construction and plans for the area with a scale model, an exhibition and maps. The material in the library focuses on children’s literature, but adults also have their own selection. The library hosts various events and fairy tale sessions for children, for example.

Jätkäsaari Information Centre and Library is located at Tyynenmerenkatu 1.

The library’s contact information is the following: email jatkasaaren_kirjasto (at) and telephone number 09 310 85815.

See the library’s opening hours here.

History of Huutokonttori

The information centre and library are located at Huutokonttori. The name Huutokonttori, or ‘Call Office,’ dates back to a time when dockworkers came in the mornings to report for ship unloading. At Huutokonttori, men were called to work according to daily needs. The original two-storey building designed by architect Gunnar Taucher was completed in 1937. The three-storey extension was completed in 1955.

Commercial services

In addition to grocery stores, those living or working in or visiting Jätkäsaari are served by various specialised shops, service businesses, cafés and restaurants. As the area grows, the service selection will expand and diversify further.

Commercial services are concentrated along the main streets in the street-level business premises and the central block. Entrepreneurs are mainly offered business and office premises along Tyynenmerenkatu, Välimerenkatu, Atlantinkatu and Länsisatamankatu near tram stops.

Furthermore, the area is also home to Theatre Viirus founded in 1987. The theatre moved to Jätkäsaari in the autumn of 2017, into a newly built theatre building. In addition to its own activities, Viirus rents its premises to various operators in the field of art for visiting performances, rehearsals and other events.

Services, shops and business premises will also be included in the central block, but the concept and detailed plan of the block are still in the planning stage, and no developers have yet been selected for the block. The construction of the central block will begin in the 2020s.

Of the existing business premises, 90 per cent have been leased.

Updated 5.2.2021