At Kalasatama, you are living close to the sea and near services and good transport connections. In the future, a long shore promenade will run along the beaches and channels, and you can cross Isoisänsilta to reach the Mustikkamaa recreation areas.

Kalasatama is being built by the sea, in the eastern part of the inner city. Kalasatama is one of the largest new areas being built in Helsinki, and construction is expected to last until the late 2030s. The former port and industrial area has already turned into a district of more than 5,000 people and thousands of new jobs.

The 170-hectare shore area in the eastern part of the inner city will turn into a home for more than 25,000 residents and a place for more than 10,000 jobs. The vicinity of the metro station has already turned into a major area for jobs and services. Culture is right next door at Suvilahti, and Tukkutori at Teurastamo has attracted a hub for food and events. Home, services, work and leisure are all close by at Kalasatama.

Updated 18.2.2021