Kalasatama is the ideal ”chill zone” right next to downtown. In the future, a seaside promenade will be a defining feature here. Kalasatama Park, the green heart of the district, is the meeting place for all the natives.

Kalasatama will connect to the eastern city core. The former harbour and industrial area has been transformed into a dynamic district of more than 4,000 residents, with more to come. The entire district will be completed by 2040. At that time, there will be 25,000 residents and 10,000 jobs.

In the neighbouring Suvilahti area, there is an active culture hub; a new food & events cluster – by the name of Teurastamo (Slaughterhouse) – has been launched successfully at Tukkutori square. At Kalasatama, everything is right there: home, work, services and leisure. 

Kalasatama 2040

• 175 hectares

• 25,000 residents

• 10,000 jobs

• 1,200,000 square metres (residential)

• 400,000 square metres (business)

Updated 19.11.2019