Businesses and the city are bringing their own development projects into Kalasatama. The rapid experimentation programme at Kalasatama distributes small subsidies to companies and communities for use on product development and agile experiments. This allows for quickly testing good ideas in a genuine environment.

Kalasatama is the new area in Helsinki where new kinds of smart city functions are being tested under the umbrella of the Smart Kalasatama project. The city and companies are bringing their own experiments to Kalasatama in order to develop them in cooperation with the residents. Kalasatama is also used to test various smart life services, such as shared-use spaces, remote control of household electrical appliances, and many others.

Smart Kalasatama

In autumn 2013, Helsinki launched the Smart Kalasatama project that aims to turn Kalasatama into a model for smart urban construction, Helsinki’s Smart City district. The area is being developed flexibly and through experimentation, together with the residents, companies, the city and other actors.

The aim is to create a district whose resource-savviness will give residents an extra hour of free time per day. At the same time, new urban services and innovations are created and new business is enabled. ICT and open data support the creation of the services.

Low-threshold trial area

At Kalasatama, the smart city is built around smooth everyday life. The projects emphasise service design, user orientation and joint planning that involves the residents. Kalasatama has a Living Lab consisting of the area itself, the cooperation networks that operate there, and a joint development space.

A smart way to save energy

Smart future energy solutions are tested in Kalasatama. Combining the latest technologies in the fields of energy, information and communication creates a sustainable, low-emission energy system and services. The smart power grid being built in the area can also be used as a template elsewhere.

Kalasatama’s smart power grid includes the following, among other things:

  • local renewable electricity generation, such as wind power and solar power,
  • infrastructure that supports electric vehicles,
  • storage of electricity,
  • energy-efficient building automation for homes and commercial buildings.

The smart systems facilitate saving energy and using local wind power and solar power.

New services allow for using electricity in an environmentally friendly manner. You can avoid using electricity when the power market prices are high, for example. A smart power grid also creates a new, advanced marketplace for small customers.

Builders and partners for the power grid

The new energy services will be built to be easy to use. The power grid in Kalasatama will be constructed by Helen Sähköverkko Oy, part of the Helsingin Energia Group. The development project involves Helen, ABB and Fingrid. 

Updated 5.6.2020