Kalasatama is easy to reach by public transport, bike and car.

Smooth public transport connections

Railway Square is only six minutes away from the Kalasatama metro station. Sompasasaari is the terminus for bus lines 50 and 59. Lines 55 and 56 have stops on Työpajankatu, and buses that run on Itäväylä also stop at Redi. Furthermore, line 738 (Kalasatama-Kerava) has its terminus on Koksikatu. In addition, the plan is to have several of the bus lines from Vantaa end in Kalasatama, once the modifications to Hermannin rantatie are complete in the mid-2020s.

The Kalasatama metro station and Redi will develop into a public transport hub where you can easily switch from one form of transport to another. Once Kalasatama is fully completed in the 2030s, an estimated 25,000 passengers will pass through Kalasatama metro station each day. 

The transport route and stop maps and timetables can be found in the Journey Planner.

The area will also have tram traffic once Kalasatama is complete. The tram connection that will be taken into service in the mid-2020s will connect Nihti in the southern part of Kalasatama to Pasila via Vallilanlaakso. The Kruunusillat light rail service that runs via Nihti from Laajasalo to Hakaniemi and the centre is estimated to begin in 2026.

Car access and parking

The street network in Kalasatama is largely incomplete, and connections may be changed from time to time. Car access to the centre will improve as Vilhonvuorenkatu is opened for traffic; this is estimated to take place in 2022. Project planning for Sörnäistentunneli, a tunnel linking Sörnäisten rantatie and Hermannin rantatie is under way, and the goal is to present it for decision-making in autumn 2020. If the decision is made to build the tunnel, construction would take place in the late 2020s at the earliest.

Parking spaces for the apartments are located in their own city blocks. Street parking will be available for customers , guests and shared-use car services. A time limit will be imposed on street parking. Parking will be allowed for a maximum of two hours on weekdays between 8:00 and 20:00. No limits on parking will be imposed at other times, making longer overnight parking and weekend parking possible. Redi has a parking facility for approximately 2,000 cars and park-and-ride spaces for 300 cars.

Cycling and walking routes in Kalasatama

Once completed, Kalasatama will have good walkways and cycle paths. A six-kilometre promenade, parts of which are already complete, will run alongside the shoreline. You can already reach the Mustikkamaa outdoor area by crossing the Isoisänsilta bridge. There is a park-and-ride station for bicycles at Kalasatama metro station. The area also has several city bike stations. Furthermore, once completed in the 2020s, the Kruunusillat connection will create a quick route across the sea for bikers and pedestrians to travel to the city centre and Korkeasaari, for example.

Updated 5.6.2020