Kalasatama offers good local services. Redi offers versatile commercial services, and smaller business premises will be built at the ground levels of residential and office buildings. Basic services for the area will be constructed as the number of residents increases. Culture and restaurants are also nearby, such as in the Suvilahti and Teurastamo areas.

Kalasatama day-care centres and school

The residents of the growing Kalasatama area will require day-care centres, schools and healthcare services, among other things.

Day-care centre Ariel (Arielinkatu 6) is a temporary day-care centre that cooperates with the Kalasatama day-care centre and school.

Kalasatama day-care centre is located on Polariksenkatu, together with the Kalasatama comprehensive school. The day-care centre also offers club activities.

Grades 1 and 2 of Kalasatama comprehensive school started in August 2016. The classes that started in autumn 2016 will continue on an integrated school path in Kalasatama. Construction of the school’s second stage started in 2019, and once it is completed in late 2020, the school will have grades 1 through 9.

The day-care centres of Sompasaari and northern Verkkosaari are currently being designed, and the goal is to have them available in 2023.

Services on the map

The enclosed map mainly contains public services in Kalasatama, but also some private services.

Kalasatama health and well-being centre

The Kalasatama health and well-being centre is located next to Redi, at Työpajankatu 14 A. The centre started operating in February 2018.

The services of the Herttoniemi, Kallio and Vallila health centres and dental clinics were relocated to Kalasatama. The health and well-being centre also offers rehabilitation, psychiatry and substance abuse services, social services for youth and adults, and services for people with disabilities and immigrants.

Kalasatama also offers service guidance for senior citizens, social advice and housing advice.

Commercial services

Redi offers comprehensive commercial services. In addition to the shopping centre, Redi consists of an underground parking facility for 2,000 cars and eight tower blocks, the first of which was completed in autumn 2019. Itäväylä has also received a green deck, which is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00 and also houses the courtyard areas of the residential buildings and a public park.

Some commercial services, such as grocery stores and restaurants, are also available in the street-level business premises of the residential buildings. The grocery stores and restaurants of the Tukkutori area are also nearby.

Sports and recreation services

When the area is completed, a six-kilometre route will run alongside the shores of Kalasatama. Isoisänsilta, a bridge leading from Sörnäistenniemi to Mustikkamaa, allows cyclists and pedestrians to enter the Mustikkamaa outdoor areas, where they can find jogging routes as well as a beach, playing fields and a dog park. Kalasatamanpuisto has a small playing field that is frozen in the winter (weather permitting) and a playground. Different associations offer sports activities in the Kalasatamankoulu sports hall in the evenings. Redi also offers various exercise services. Boat harbour activities have been planned for the northern part of Verkkosaari and in Nihti, but the schedule of implementation is not yet known.

Urban culture from Suvilahti

Suvilahti will become a complex of urban culture. The area of the former Suvilahti electric power plant and gas plant includes nine buildings, two gasometers and a yard area. The area includes work spaces, ateliers and performance spaces for artists, artist groups and other cultural actors, and it features plenty of events, especially in the summer. Restaurants can also be found in the area.

Suvilahti is managed by the real estate company Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo.

Food and laid-back events at Teurastamo

The scary-sounding name of Teurastamo (“Slaughterhouse”) refers to the area’s history – the red brick buildings were designed for the needs of the City of Helsinki’s slaughterhouse services in the 1930s, but they are now home to restaurants, shops and events.

The shade of the paradise apple trees is now a venue for laid-back food events, picnics, Farmers Markets, flea markets, seedling swap meets, village festivities, outdoor concerts, charity drives, exhibitions, barbecues and chilling – and everything else that is fun in today’s urban culture.

Service companies in Kalasatama

The service companies in Kalasatama build, manage and maintain the shared courtyards in the Kalasatama area. They also arrange shared clubhouses for the residents. Their tasks also include building and maintaining Fisuverkko, the local portal for Kalasatama, and the administration of the parking spaces located along Kyläsaarenkuja.

Updated 5.6.2020