Waterfront Goes Vertical

The sea is present in everything in Kalasatama. There is a shoreline promenade in the works and the beautiful Kalasatama Park is the natural meeting place for the local residents.  

Kalasatama offers also high-rise construction that is quite unprecedented in Helsinki: the REDI Shopping Centre will entail eight towers which will feature 20–35 storeys (the highest tower reaching 132 metres). In addition to shopping, there are also cultural and culinary pursuits to be explored at the local hotspots Suvilahti and Teurastamo, respectively.  

Future in the Making

First residents moved to Kalasatama in autumn 2012. The area will be fully realised during the next decades, with many separate areas being built simultaneously.

Presently, apartments are being built in Sörnäistenniemi, Sompasaari, Verkkosaari and REDI; student housing is constructed in Kyläsaari.

Kalasatama housing solutions include e.g. free market, owner-occupied apartments, state-supported rental apartments and price-controlled HITAS apartments as well as housing for specific demographics such as seniors and students. The local apartments are marketed by developers.

Happy Hour by Kalasatama

The goal of Smart Kalasatama is to manage resources – via design, technology and collaboration – so intelligently that residents will gain an extra hour of free time every day. What do you want to do with that bonus 60 minutes? - That’s up to you, but we do advise going native!

Seaside Services

In Kalasatama, services are easy to come by. Residents have easy access to a variety of public and commercial services nearby and there’s more being launched all the time. The commercial services are anchored by REDI Shopping Centre which opened its doors in autumn 2018.

Talking about the public offering, there is, for example, a local around-the-clock daycare centre, with a school and a daycare centre. The brand new Health and Wellbeing Centre is an important addition to the neighbourhood.

The wedge-shaped Kalasatama Central Park promises to be a local favorite.  Covering 3.5 hectares of land, the park runs through the very heart of the district. In the future, a new six-kilometre light-traffic route, located along the waterfront, will connect Kalasatama to downtown Helsinki.  

A big part of the local identity is the 100-year-old former gas plant in Suvilahti which will be renovated into a full-blown cultural centre.

Kalasatama Goes Art

As Kalasatama is still a “work in progress”, the City has taken an interest in promoting quality environmental art in the area. Public streets, parks and squares provide the canvas for all sorts of artistic activity.

In accordance to the art plan, there is permanent environmental art (70%), temporary art (15%) and various events (15%).  


Kalasatama is branching out to both north and south as construction continues. In 2018 alone, over 1,000 new apartments were constructed. In some areas, the work is just beginning – but in others, such as Sörnäistenniemi, the last apartments are completed in 2018.

REDI is coming along gradually, too: the shopping centre opened in autumn 2018, the first tower is ready in 2019 and the entire complex is done by 2024.

The City is committed to making sure that any and all disturbance to people’s everyday lives is kept at minimum during this time.

Holding a key role in this, there is City construction logistics which steers and monitors the over-all condition and progress of the work sites.   

Updated 19.11.2019