The Smart Kalasatama project, which ended in spring 2021, brought together City operators, businesses and residents to develop Kalasatama into a smart district of Helsinki. It provided a real environment for businesses to test ideas and an opportunity for residents to participate in the development of solutions.

Smart Kalasatama

Forum Virium Helsinki launched the Smart Kalasatama project in 2013 with the aim of making Kalasatama a model area for smart urban development, the Smart City district of Helsinki. The area was, and continues to be, developed flexibly and through trials in collaboration with the area’s residents, companies, the City and other operators.

The aim was to create a district so resource-wise that it would save residents an hour of their own time a day. At the same time, new urban services and innovations would be created, as well as opportunities for new business. ICT technology and open data supported the creation of services.

During the project, several different services were tested and developed. Some of the solutions tested are now commonplace in Kalasatama. The work of Smart Kalasatama continues with projects such as B.Green, which develops green infrastructure. For example, the area has been the setting for experiments in the design of green areas with residents using augmented reality and for mapping trees with drones.

Similar development work is now being expanded. In addition to the smart districts of Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari, the Helsinki Innovation Districts project is working in areas already built in Malmi, Malminkartano-Kannelmäki, Pasila and Mellunmäki.

Low-threshold trial area

The Smart Kalasatama project was based on making everyday life smoother. The trials focused on service design, user orientation and joint planning that involved the residents. Kalasatama will continue to function as one of Helsinki’s urban laboratories, consisting of the area itself, the cooperation networks operating there and the Kalasatama Urban Lab joint development space. Consequently, you will continue to see experts with smart city guides on the streets of Kalasatama, exploring the solutions in the area and marvelling at the district being built.

Updated 5.4.2022