Koivusaari will turn into a district where all residents are close to the beach and the metro station. You can spend your leisure time by lying on the shore cliffs or climbing the boulders. Future Koivusaari offers action and experiences.

Everything is within walking distance in Koivusaari

Apartments for some 5,000 residents will be built in the 2020s. The buildings will mostly have 5–7 storeys, and they will be located on the winding spits and on both sides of Koivusaaren puistokatu. In Koivusaari, nearly all apartments and workplaces offer a view of the sea from the window.

You are living within walking distance from the metro station that ensures smooth connections. A quick cycling route is also nearby.

Many types of residential buildings, from apartment buildings to urban villas, will be built in Koivusaari. Similarly to Helsinki’s other new areas, apartment building construction will be developed so that the apartments can be easily adapted to suit individual needs.

Future residents will have a choice of owner-occupied, right-of-occupancy and rental dwellings at different price points.

Outdoor activities and experiences at Koivusaari

Koivusaari will become an urban residential area with space for outdoor activities and recreation.

The southern tip will be developed into Leppäsaarenpuisto park, with space to relax, playing courts, a playpark and a seaside meadow that will remain in its natural state. From the island’s southern tip, you can admire the view of the outer archipelago.

In the north, Kotisatamanpuisto park and Koivusaari bay, which circles a small area of water, are planned for the eastern shore. The beach parkways in Koivusaari allow you to proceed directly towards the centre of Helsinki or to Espoo.

We want Koivusaari to be a place where people from other parts of the city will come for hobbies and experiences. In addition to boaters, Koivusaari could offer an excellent environment for paddlers, tour skaters or ice swimmers – or how about climbing one of the city’s largest boulders? 

Updated 1.6.2020