Koivusaari is a new city district in an archipelago landscape – you can take in the marine scenery from the metro station and from numerous apartments, as well. Koivusaari is also a great fit for business. There will be jobs for 4,000 people and apartments for 5,000 residents here. 

Koivusaari – Calling Businesses

Traffic connections to Koivusaari are excellent by both metro and car. Koivusaari is a compact district where everything is within walking distance. Thanks to the metro, you can travel to Helsinki city centre (to the east) or neighbouring city of Espoo (to the west) in mere minutes.   

From the metro station, it only takes seven minutes to get to the Helsinki city centre, for instance. Also, such Espoo neighbourhoods as Keilaniemi and Tapiola are within minutes and even the Helsinki International Airport can be reached, by car, in a half-an-hour or so.   

Experiences Emerging 

Koivusaari is realised as a place where people come for rich experiences; it’s a neighbourhood that represents “New Helsinki” at its finest. The island provides a great setting for a range of activities: e.g. boating, climbing, paddling, trek skating and ice swimming. Koivusaari has long featured a boating marina and this tradition will continue also in the future.    

The western metro to Espoo was launched in November 2017 and the Koivusaari station entrance (on Lauttasaari side) was opened at that time. The other entrance to the metro station will be opened on the Koivusaari side as the construction kicks off. When Koivusaari has been built, there will be over 10,000 people going through the station daily. Koivusaari is also easily accessible by bike or boat or on foot.     

Koivusaari will be realised in the 2020’s. The area will be built in such a way that each apartment and office on the island has, at most, a distance of 600 metres to the metro station. The zoning for Koivusaari is currently underway.

Strong Core

According to the plans, the development of the area will be spearheaded by Ikea which has a very sizeable plot reservation in the centre of the island. This city Ikea is to feature retail space, offices and a hotel. With Ikea serving as an anchor for the emerging local ecosystem, there should be plenty of companies that are interested about the opportunities here. 

The appeal of the island is further enhanced by its rich nature which will be preserved in such places as Leppäsaarenpuisto Park, on the southern tip of the island (with a sizeable local boulder cherished by climbers) and Kotisatamanpuisto on the northern side of the island. Pedestrian paths will be built along the shorelines.

Koivusaari Key Numbers

  • 5,000 residents
  • 4,000 jobs


  • Metro: 7 min from downtown and Tapiola (Espoo) to Koivusaari metro station
  • 30 minutes by car from Helsinki International Airport

Office/housing construction

  • Zoning process under way  


  • Koivusaari metro station 2017

Special Characteristics

  • Archipelago scenery
  • Metro station launched in 2017

Residential solutions & premises for business/services – zoning ongoing

  • West metro connection, Länsiväylä road ramp access
  • Small boat harbours
  • Climbing boulder
Updated 1.4.2019