In addition to homes and workplaces, the urban island of Koivusaari will have day-care centres and schools, recreation areas and small boat harbours.

Services will be built near the metro station

As regards public services, a block house containing a day-care centre and school is planned for Koivusaari. This block house will be built near the park in the southern section, close to the playing courts and playpark. Commercial services will mainly be built near the metro station. The first plot has been reserved for Ikea.

The continuation of the boat club activities in the area emphasises the local side of Koivusaari. The most important recreational services will continue to be related to the sea and boating. The plan is to build two larger boats harbours, suitable for sail boats, in the southern part of the area, and a motor boat harbour in the northern part. Koivusaari will have a total of some 500 berths.

The continuation of the boat club activities in the area emphasises the local side of Koivusaari. Different supplementary functions, such as clubhouses and boat lowering and hoisting sites, are planned in connection with the boat harbours.

Koivusaari as a workplace area along the West Metro

Koivusaari will become a part of the string of workplace areas along the West Metro, formed by Ruoholahti, Keilaniemi and Otaniemi, with the metro offering a fast access connection between them. The metro means that workplaces in Koivusaari are also accessible from the centre of Helsinki or from Kalasatama or Itäkeskus.

About one third of the planned construction at Koivusaari is business premises. More than 4,000 jobs will be created in the area. Most of the offices and business and service premise will be located near Länsiväylä and next to the metro station. Koivusaari will have an exit from Länsiväylä, making the area more attractive from a business point of view.

The plan is to also build small workspaces in the apartment blocks. This creates opportunities for small entrepreneurs and enlivens the neighbourhood. Overall, the close proximity of the workplace and residential areas will enrich the urban environment and create activity during the days and evenings. Commercial services are also more likely to succeed when potential customers are present in the area throughout the day.

Updated 1.6.2020