In the draft plan, Koivusaari is presented as a district of some 5,000 residents and more than 4,000 jobs. Additional space for construction will be created by filling the sea.

Land use planning is in progress

Land use planning for Koivusaari is in progress. Koivusaari will be built in the 2020s. The first tasks to begin will be the filling and dredging around 2022, followed by the construction of streets and public utilities. House construction can begin after this. Construction of Koivusaari will continue throughout the 2020s.

A local master plan proposal has been created for Koivusaari that became final in 2017. The basis for the Koivusaari plan is the proposal by Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Sopanen-Svärd Oy which won the public design competition for the area in 2009.

A draft local detailed plan based on the local master plan has been completed for the area.

Ikea to arrive in the centre of Koivusaari

Ikea has a plot reservation for a department store and office, business and hotel premises.

Location of metro in the area

The district will be built in a manner where each apartment and office is at most 600 metres away from the metro station.

Updated 1.6.2020