Kruunuvuorenranta will become a district of light that can be admired from the inner city, the sea and the islands. Lighting and light installations are a trademark for Kruunuvuorenranta. Light installations will be seen in public areas and on plots and buildings.

Light art is created as construction proceeds

The overall lighting solutions turn Kruunuvuorenranta into a harmonious landscape artwork for the dark seasons; highlights include various permanent and changing light installations.

Light art is created as construction proceeds. Light installations will be seen in public areas and on plots and buildings. Works are completed as new buildings are being constructed. The light installations in Kruunuvuorenranta use the one percent principle, which means that the constructors in the area use 1% of their budget on art.

Special attention has also been paid to other forms of illumination. An international invitational contest regarding the solutions for lighting and the urban environment in the Kruunuvuorenranta beach area was arranged in 2012. The lighting for the beach and street areas is being planned on the basis of the solutions and ideas discovered in the contest.

Oil Silo 468

The light and landscape installation Oil Silo 468, built inside an old oil silo, has received numerous international awards. This art installation refers to the oil harbour activities that were located in Kruunuvuorenranta for almost 90 years.

2012 holes for LEDs have been made in the silo’s steel jacket; as the lights turn on and off, they make the silo shine like a lantern. The installation shines white in the early evening, turning to red at midnight. The speed of the lights is regulated by the rhythm of the wind.

The silo is open to the public during open house weekends each autumn. It can also be rented for events.

The work was designed by light artist Tapio Rosenius from the Lighting Design Collective. It was built as a World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project.

Awards won by Oil Silo 468:

1st prize, Architizer A+ Award Popular Choice Winner in the Architecture + Light category (more than 150,000 votes). New York 2013.

1st prize, The Illumni Infinity Gold award in London, 2013. Global Australian prize programme.

1st prize, IALD Award of Excellence 2013, Philadelphia. The most esteemed international lighting design contest.

1st prize, Media Architecture Biennale Spatial Media Art, Aarhus

Honorable mention in the Lighting artwork of the year 2013 contest

The Silo Sings -events

Normally there has been an open house at Oil Silo 468 each autumn, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible to open the doors to the public at 2020. Instead, the first the Silo sings -event was created. The event was organized again during Autumn 2021 with a new art installation.

Krono - Echo of the Sound

In autumn 2020 the Krono installation was on display for nine days. The audience was able to enjoy the temporary light and sound installation outside the Silo. Krono was inspired by the history, present and future of the Kruunuvuori district and Helsinki itself. The name is a reference to time and the multiplicity of its meaning. Time can be experienced on a personal level and measured. Moreover, sounds can guide the experience of time.

Aki Päivärinne, sound; Jari Vuorinen, lights; Lauri Wuolio, cupola; Ilkka Paloniemi, curation

Utu - Status of Dreams

In autumn 2021, the new installation was on display in the Oil Silo 468 for four nights. The temporary installation combined both light and sound, but also the fog effect. The installation could be enjoyed both outside and inside the silo. Inside the Silo, the fog took different shapes, inviting all the citizens to an imaginary voyage with the mist rising from the sea.

Aki Päivärinne, sound; Jari Vuorinen, lights; Ilkka Paloniemi, curation

How to reach the oil silo

On public transport, buses from Herttoniemi metro station take you closest to the Kruunuvuorenranta oil silo. The nearest stop is on Koirasaarentie, about 800 m away from the oil silo via Saaristolaivankatu and the shore route.

You can also reach the oil silo by driving to the western end of the current Koirasaarentie and turning left onto Saaristolaivastonkatu. The parking area is on Saaristolaivankatu between Turumankatu and Astridinkatu. A walking route (300 m) near the shoreline leads from the parking area to the silo.

Renting Oil Silo 468

Oil Silo 468 is available for rent during the snowless season, from April to the end of October. The rent includes electricity. The tenant must arrange all other necessary services (e.g. toilets, water, waste management) at their cost.

Rental enquiries: City of Helsinki, tel. +358 (0)9 310 38392 (on duty between 10:00 and 11:30) and ulkoilma(at)

Updated 21.1.2022