Laajasalo has a definite residential focus, but the locals need also quality services. This means various opportunities for commercial players, both big and small. Presently, there are 16,000 residents in Laajasalo, with plans to add another 20,000 residents by 2030.

Marine Momentum for Businesses, Too

Connectivity and city centre access are key issues here: as the Kruunusillat (Crown Bridges) will be fully realised – around 2026 – Laajasalo will enjoy superb tram connections to/from downtown Helsinki. From Laajasalo, a tram ride to city centre will take 15 minutes; to Hakaniemi 1o minutes.    

The upcoming tramline is already shaping the development plans of the area, as residential quarters are launched by the tracks. At the same time, the decision has been made to develop Yliskylä area as the hub of the community. 

In the coming years, Yliskylä will feature homes for 7,000 new residents. In the Koirasaarentie street and Ilomäentie street area alone there will be construction to the tune of 65,000 square metres (for about 1,600 residents).

Saari Leads the Way

On November 2018, shopping centre Saari (Island) opened its doors in Yliskylä. Encompassing 8,400 square metres, Saari provides a significant boost for the local service infrastructure. Featuring 30 stores, the shopping centre is rooted on every-day convenience.  

In addition to commercial services, also public services such as library and youth premises can be found here.    

The main street of the area, Laajasalontie, will be developed into an urban boulevard, with the tram tracks running in the middle and trees lining both sides of the boulevard. The broad boulevard (47 metres wide) will feature four driving lanes as well as light traffic lanes, too. The boulevard will feature residential solutions and also provide commercial services, for instance, on streel level.

Seaside Buzz

After Yliskylä is completed, the attention turns to Yliskylä Bay area, to be constructed in the 2030’s. According to preliminary plans, approximately 120,000 square metres could be built here, utilising (at least in part) also landfill areas. 

Yliskylä Bay will deliver homes with views to the sea and close to the shore, with perhaps 1,700 local residents. The planning of the area is still in its infancy, but the area holds also considerable commercial promise. For example, the location by the sea may offer intriguing possibilities in the future.         

Updated 1.4.2019