The Länsiväylä area local city planning applies to Länsiväylä and its surrounding areas in Koivusaari, Lauttasaari and Salmisaari

The local master planning in Länsiväylä area starts

The Supreme Administrative Court repealed some of the City Plan 2016 markings along the Länsiväylä, including the City boulevard marking. However, the plan allows for urban construction on both sides of the repealed strip in Lauttasaari. The local master plan aims to combine the areas into a coherent city plan. The local master plan will be prepared in 2022–2025.

The local master planning applies to Länsiväylä and its surrounding areas in Koivusaari, Lauttasaari and Salmisaari. The general objective of the local master planning work is to reduce the adverse effects of the fairway-type traffic environment on the population and to explore the possibilities of developing the urban structure along Länsiväylä in Lauttasaari and Salmisaari. The objectives include, for example, determining the area’s land use and traffic as a whole, expanding the inner city, enabling diverse housing production in accordance with the AM programme, diversifying the service structure of the area, providing good locations for business activities and workplaces and creating the preconditions for a high-quality and attractive urban space.

The preparation of the plan shall consider the impact of the plan on the residents’ living conditions, habitat, cityscape, nature, recreation, landscape, cultural heritage and transport, among other things. Particularly important themes will be changes in the transport network and the impact of the new urban structure and any land reclamation on climate and adaptation to climate change, for example. Close cooperation with the transport infrastructure authorities is highlighted when establishing the solution and effects of the transport system. The design solutions for the harbour tunnel to be built by the Port of Helsinki are central to Salmisaari’s land use development opportunities.

Learn more about the participation and assessment plan

Länsiväylä area participation and assessment plan (OAS) will be on display from 1–28 February 2022 as follows:

  • On the website.
  • At Lauttasaari Library, address Pajalahdentie 10 A. Due to the exceptional circumstances, please check the opening hours in advance.
  • Urban Environment Division’s customer service is available by phone on 09 310 22111 and online. The visiting address of the customer service is Työpajankatu 8. Due to the exceptional circumstances, please check the opening hours of the customer service point.
  • Material related to the planning will be updated to the Helsinki Map Service.

Share your wishes for the future in the map survey

  • How do you see the Länsiväylä area in the future? What is the most important for you with respect to the area? What kind of housing would you like to see in the area? Complete the Länsiväylä online survey at The survey maps the views of the residents and operators in the area on its characteristics and future. The survey will be available from 1–28 February 2022.

Participate in residents’ evening online

  • Online residents’ evening on Thursday, 10 February 2022, from 17:00–18:30. You can join the Teams meeting starting at 16:50 by typing in the web browser address field. The event will begin at 17:00 and end at 18:30. You can participate using the web browser without downloading the Teams application to your device.

Come and meet the planners at the library

  • You are welcome to stop by the planning service on 15 February 2022 from 9:00–12:00 at the Lauttasaari Library’s multi-functional premises. In case of meeting restrictions due to the pandemic situation, the service is arranged as a Teams online meeting. Updated detailed information will be shown on this page.

Partial city planning stages and the participation schedule

  • February 2022: participation and assessment plan
  • Turn of the year 2022/2023: scenarios and conclusions
  • Late 2023: plan draft
  • 2024: plan proposal
  • 2025: approval of the partial city plan
Updated 28.3.2022