The centre of Malmi is being renewed

Vision work for the centre of Malmi started in autumn 2018 and was completed in February 2020. The vision identified the surroundings of Malmi station as the key area for renovation. Another important area was the clarity of routes in the direction of the centre. The aim of the vision is to turn Malmi into a strong, attractive and comfortable centre for all of north-eastern Helsinki.

The designers have used a wide cooperation network and different analyses to compile together the needs and wishes of the residents, entrepreneurs, property owners and the city’s different branches. The different parties have had a similar vision on the renewal of the centre of Malmi; the renovation of the station’s surroundings and improving its appeal have been seen as the most important issue.

“Sydän-Malmi, the idea from our concept, acts as a central block zone that connects Ylä-Malmi and Ala-Malmi and as the core of a unified centre,” says architect Antti Mentula on the basic idea behind the plan. “The vision brings together the numerous opportunities at Malmi from the points of view of green environments, housing, services, transport and the fight against climate change.”

Video collage of the Malmi Centre vision - possible images of the future:

Residents and interest groups tightly involved

Interaction between the residents and other interest groups has been a key part of the vision work. A map survey was arranged in autumn 2018 regarding the development of the centre of Malmi, and it received responses from 1,166 residents. A total of 6,800 responses were marked on the map. The results of the survey are available via the link at the bottom of the page. The survey also provided an opportunity to register for a sparring group that continued to analyse the results and created a vision of what the centre of Malmi should look like in the future. The work of the residents is very much aligned with the city’s point of view.

Malmi was not built around a mall or as a forest suburb; it has always been a diverse city centre. The designers have been considering Malmi’s strengths together with the residents and other parties and thinking about how they could be further reinforced and developed.

The city’s plans also involve the local entrepreneurs and property owners; discussions have also been held with them and the communication continues.

The Urban Environment committee discussed the vision for the centre of Malmi in spring 2020.

Establishing development principles for the centre

Following the completion of the vision, the development of the centre of Malmi will resume with the establishing of planning principles. Planning principles refer to common guidelines used when continuing the planning, such as when drawing up street plans. Resident opinions concerning the development principles will also be gathered during 2020 and draft principles will be commented and finally approved during 2021.

Imagined vision of the future of Malmi Centre. "Kasbah" by Uusi kaupunki kollektiivi.

Updated 19.4.2021