The centre of Malmi is being renewed

Malmi is a diverse and lively city centre by excellent transport connections. However, Malmi centre has come to the stage in its lifecycle where renewing the area is necessary. 

In late 2020, the City of Helsinki launched a new operating model for suburban regeneration, the objective of which is to improve the comfort and appeal of residential areas comprehensively and facilitate high-quality infill construction. Malmi is one of the three suburban regeneration areas to which the City will pay special attention in the coming years. 

In Malmi, suburban regeneration means long-term development through urban infill and service development, but also smaller and shorter-term measures to improve the urban environment, e.g. around the station and other public spaces. 

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Watch a video montage of visualisations for the Malmi Centre vision - possible images of the future:

Malmi centre planning principles

Planning principles have been prepared for Malmi centre to support further planning. The principles deal with topics such as urban infill, services, workplaces, mobility and green areas.

The planning principles illustrate Malmi centre as a lively hub with various functions, which will be developed as the most important cluster of commerce and public services in its area. The city-like Sydän-Malmi will tie the station area into a diverse and urban entity. 

The planning principles are based on the vision work on Malmi centre prepared in 2018–2020, in which local residents and operators were closely involved. 

The draft for the planning principles was available for residents for viewing and commenting in spring 2021. The planning principles were approved by the Urban Environment Committee in June 2021. 

Description of Malmi centre planning principles (in Finnish)

Map of Malmi centre planning principles

More information about the planning principles: Antti Mentula, tel. +358 (0)9 310 20768,

What will happen in Malmi centre in the next few years?

  • The Ala-Malmi water basin was renovated in 2021. 
  • The yard of Traktori Playground will be renovated. 
  • An expansion of Malmi Swimming Hall is being planned. 
  • In the area of Pikitehdas blocks, new housing construction and infilling and development of the existing residential and small-scale industrial plots are being planned. 
  • The development of the station centre will start. 
  • Renovation of the Square of Ylä-Malmi and Kaupparaitti will be planned

Vision work on Malmi centre

The vision for Malmi centre was completed in February 2020. The planning officers have analysed Malmi’s strengths with the residents and other parties and thought about how these could be supported and developed even further. The objective of the vision is to develop Malmi into a strong, attractive and comfortable centre for the entirety of northeast Helsinki.

In the vision, the surroundings of Malmi station were identified as the key renewal site. Another important development area is the clarity of the routes towards the centre.

Planning officers compiled the needs and wishes of residents, entrepreneurs, property owners and the City’s divisions. The various parties had similar views on regenerating Malmi centre: it is essential that the station area is renovated and made more appealing.

“The Sydän-Malmi innovated in the vision will act as a core bringing Ylä-Malmi and Ala-Malmi together,” architect Antti Mentula explains, describing the basic idea of the plan. “The vision brings together the various opportunities offered by Malmi in terms of greenery, housing, services, transport and climate change mitigation.”

Imagined vision of the future of Malmi Centre. "Kasbah" by Uusi kaupunki kollektiivi.

Residents and stakeholders closely involved

Interaction with residents and other stakeholders was a key element of the vision work. In autumn 2018, a map survey was carried out regarding the development of Malmi centre, which received responses from 1,166 residents. Following the survey, a coaching group consisting of residents was assembled. This group analysed the survey results and prepared its vision of the future Malmi centre. The results of the residents’ work are very similar to the City’s goals.

The Urban Environment Committee processed the vision for Malmi centre in spring 2020.

Updated 28.2.2022