In 2020, Malmi will see new apartments built in the Fallkulla wedge and the area south of Tullivuorentietie. The Ormuspelto area is nearly complete.

Other areas in Malmi

  • Residential buildings for a total of some 1,300 residents will be constructed in the Fallkulla wedge area, next to Tapanila station. The area will have rental dwellings, right-of-occupancy apartments, and Hitas regulated owner-occupied dwellings. Streets and public utilities will also be constructed in the area in 2020. Read more
  • To the south of Tullivuorentie, on both sides of Longinoja, new semi-detached houses and apartment buildings will be built for a total of some 500 residents.
  • The new apartment building and detached house area of Ormuspelto, with a capacity of 1,000 residents, is nearly complete.
  • New business premises and apartments are also planned to the south of Kehä I, along Isonpellontie. At the same time, analyses are also being drawn up regarding how the surroundings of Pukinmäki beach park could be better used for recreational purposes.
Updated 19.4.2021