Natural values and their preservation

The park network proposed in the framework plan for the Malmi Airport area provides the prerequisites for the preservation of the area’s many natural values.

The framework plan for Malmi Airport includes a total of some 102 hectares of green areas (framework plan area approximately 300 hectares, current airport area some 100 hectares). The park network proposed in the framework plan provides the prerequisites for the preservation of the area’s many natural values. Plenty of area has been reserved for parks, and the network-like structure creates ecological connections. 

The open, low-growing biotope will be preserved on the meadows

Many of the natural values at Malmi Airport are related to the open field area, which is exceptional for an urban environment. The area currently has special significance as an unbuilt, open and low-growing biotope. Construction will inevitably affect the area’s natural values and biodiversity, especially as the open space shrinks. Open land birdlife is unlikely to remain in the area, but other forms of biodiversity can be supported by planning and resuming the care of the area.

The city plan states that a network of meadows is developed across the entire city. The Malmi Airport area will remain in the city’s network of meadows. For example, the plan is to reserve a section of the open Lentoasemanpuisto park for meadows.  Lentoasemanpuisto and the other parks in the area replace parts of the open habitats and create new urban nature. Lentoasemanpuisto connects to the fields and meadows of Fallkulla farm.

The development of the network of meadows in stages in the Malmi Airport area means planning the interim use and creating new meadows in the areas subject to detailed planning. For example, the pending local detailed plan for the northern part of Nallenrinne has a park with an open landscape that will feature meadows suitable for insects. Some meadows may also be used for urban farming.

The nature inventories will be updated for use as background for each local detailed plan, and the natural values discovered will be observed in the planning decisions as required by the Land Use and Construction Act. 

Occurrence of animals and plants will be surveyed 

The natural values of the Malmi Airport area have been surveyed during the creation of the framework plan and in connection with the local detailed plan creation projects:

  • species of butterflies in 2016 and 2017,
  • birdlife in 2015, 2016 and 2017,
  • bats in 2016 and
  • flying squirrels in 2016, 2018 and 2019

Species requiring special attention during the planning include the Siberian flying squirrel, the Burren Green and the brown trout that can be found in the Longinoja brook. Analyses related to the natural values of Longinoja have been performed in connection with the Longinoja catchment basin analysis, for example.

These analyses have provided information on the distribution of these species, and the analyses are updated and specified in order to provide initial data for the planning. An opportunity to study the vegetation in the airport area will be available in the summer of 2020, as the aviation activities have ceased. 

Construction will alter the area and affect the habitats of plants and animals. The planning of the residential area aims to make the area as habitable as possible for the current species.

Fallkulla, the southern parts of the areas along Longinoja brook and the forest to the east of the airport will be left completely or partially unbuilt, which will reduce the magnitude of the impact.

The overall impacts on nature and biodiversity have been assessed during the framework plan stage in the framework plan analysis.

Mass events and natural values

In the summer of 2019, mass events were arranged in the Malmi Airport area; their planning took into account the area’s natural values in order to prevent the arrangements from affecting the habitats of the species.  Access and parking were routed into areas reserved for construction and routes inside the airport area. This principle will also be followed during future mass events.

In the future, the park network of the Malmi Airport area will be connected with the Kivikko outdoor park by building a green bridge over Lahdenväylä. The creation of transverse green connections and recreational links and, in particular, the connection to Kivikko outdoor park across the new park bridge will also improve the regional opportunities for recreation as well as ecological connections.  

Updated 12.6.2020