Kannelmäki is a developing green residential area close to nature, with a population 13,000 and offering various outdoor and cultural services. It is located next to the Ring Rail Line, a 14-minute train trip from Helsinki Railway Station.

Culture and greenery by train connections

Kannelmäki Station and Sitratori Square form a dense centre for the area where various types of residential buildings and houses have been built over multiple decades. The theatre and concert centre Kanneltalo is in the immediate vicinity of Kannelmäki Railway Station. Kanneltalo Hall hosts several premieres and a variety of visiting shows every year.

The vast green area of Kartanonhaka opens up on both sides of Mätäjoki River winding between Malminkartano and Kannelmäki. A basin favoured by many bird species has been dug into the riverbend. It also has a large pier.

In the planning, the aim is to develop the surroundings of the station and Kaari shopping centre into multifaceted environments for running errands. The plan is for Vihdintie light rail connection to reach Kaari shopping centre up to Kantelettarentie, via Lassila. The area of the old Kannelmäki shopping centre will have new housing and commercial premises, in accordance with the detailed plan approved in 2016.

Walking path in Kannelmäki

Suburban regeneration in Kannelmäki

In late 2020, the City of Helsinki launched a new operating model for suburban regeneration, the objective of which is to improve the comfort and appeal of residential areas comprehensively and facilitate high-quality infill construction. Malminkartano and Kannelmäki together make up one of the three suburban regeneration areas. The other areas are Malmi and Mellunkylä.

In Kannelmäki, suburban regeneration means long-term development through urban infill and service development, but also smaller and shorter-term measures to improve the urban environment, e.g. around the station and other public spaces.

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Visualisation of how the Kannelmäki station area could look in the future. NOAN architects

Improvement of Kannelmäki station area

As a part of suburban regeneration, improvements to the Kannelmäki station area will be planned and implemented in 2021–2022. The goal is to renovate and improve the area so that comfort, perceived safety and appeal increase and the overall quality level becomes higher.

Lighting supports and increases the sense of security of the people using the area. Lighting will be used to set the mood, highlight the cultural activities at Sitratori Square and direct traffic towards Kanneltalo.

The aim is to develop Sitratori Square from a transit location into a more appealing and pleasant area. The square will have a slide under the seating steps.

The area’s structures, such as walls, bridges and steps will be cleaned, and broken parts will be repaired. The structures will also be painted, if necessary. Plants will be renewed as necessary, and multiple species of vines growing along wire supports will be planted close to the station building. They will delight visitors and residents throughout the growing season.

Current detailed planning projects

  • The area around Pelimannintie will have new housing and a new daycare centre. 
  • Area of Halsuantie and Vetelintie: plenty of new housing close to Kaari shopping centre; plan proposal of 2015. The changes to the plan have not yet been approved by the Council. 
  • Pasuunakuja 1: new housing close to the station. 
  • Changes to the plan regarding the sports park and daycare centre, which will allow for a new building for Vanhainen Daycare Centre.

Plans and development projects prepared for the area

  • The planning principles for the business premises area in Lassila–Kannelmäki; approved by the Urban Environment Committee on 4 June 2019 
  • General plan for the West Helsinki tram lines; approved by the Urban Environment Committee 15 September 2020 


Planning principles for the business premises area in Lassila-Kannelmäki (PDF, in Finnish)
General plan for the West Helsinki tram lines (PDF, in Finnish)

Transport connections and light rail line of the future

Kannelmäki is located by excellent public transport connections. Via the Ring Rail Line, you can travel to the airport in 20 minutes on the P train, and to the city centre in 14 minutes on the I train.

Furthermore, bus lines 41, 42 and 43 run to the city centre, while line 56 runs to Kalasatama via Käpylä. The bus lines will change in autumn 2021 with the bus lines to the city centre replaced with the new trunk line 40 and line 41. The new crosstown line 52 will also run to Otaniemi via Munkkiniemi.

Kannelmäki also has excellent regional accessibility between Vihdintie and Hämeenlinnanväylä, north of Ring I.

Vihdintie light rail line

In the future, Kannelmäki will be part of the ‘tram city’ as the new Vihdintie light rail line will run from the city centre, via Munkkiniemi, and to the terminus on Kantelettarentie in Kannelmäki, in accordance with the general plan for tram lines in West Helsinki.

The bridge crossing Ring I at Kantelettarentie will be renewed. The existing bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be preserved. The tram line runs through the roundabout at the end of the Ring I access ramp. A terminus at Laulukuja and turning tracks in the middle of the street will be implemented for the tram. Otherwise, the pedestrian, cyclist and car routes, as well as the bus stop arrangements on Kantelettarentie will remain the same as now.

Illustration of the light rail line on Kaupintie in Lassila.

Services and activities

The commercial services in Kannelmäki are concentrated at Kaari shopping centre, the area of Kannelmäki shopping centre, and Kannelmäki station area.

There are various daycare centres, schools, sheltered housing and a health centre in Kannelmäki and its vicinity. Kanneltalo offers cultural services, a library and a youth centre – the adult education centre also offers various courses, lectures and events. 

The areas around Kannelmäki provide plenty of excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. Lassila Sports Park located south of Ring I is a short walk away. The park offers a trampoline and motor coordination course, among other activities, and an artificial ice rink during the winter.

North of Kannelmäki is Malminkartanonhuippu with its fitness stairs. The areas surrounding Mätäjoki River include the Kartanonhaka park and riverside scenery, which offer a great setting for walks and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Kids jumping on trampoline

Special characteristics of the area

  • The district has two busy centres: the area around the station and Kanneltalo, and Kaari shopping centre. Kannelmäki offers very extensive commercial and cultural services. 
  • Kannelmäki Station and Sitratori Square form a dense and distinctive environment where you can also find the cultural services of Kanneltalo. 
  • Kannelmäki’s special characteristics include the well-preserved and protected fortification structures from the First World War in various green areas. 
  • Kannelmäki Church is a cultural environment of national significance. The church was designed by Marjatta and Martti Jaatinen and built in 1968. 
  • The vast and pleasant green area of Kartanonhaka is located between Malminkartano and Kannelmäki, on both sides of Mätäjoki River. 
  • The residential areas with residential buildings, terraced houses, semi-detached and detached houses in Kannelmäki have been built over multiple decades, which gives the area unique layers.
Updated 19.8.2021