Malminkartano is a growing and green residential area close to nature with various forms of housing. This 9,000-resident area is located by the Ring Rail Line, only a 16-minute train trip from Helsinki’s city centre.

Various great outdoor activity opportunities

Malminkartano has housing in apartment buildings, semi-detached and detached houses. A significant proportion of the housing was built in the 1980s, but housing construction has continued throughout the decades until this day. The new wooden district of Honkasuo is being constructed immediately north of Malminkartano. 

Malminkartano includes particularly opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise. The area has beautiful outdoor trails by Mätäjoki river, and the Malminkartanonhuippu fitness stairs attract visitors even from further away. The fitness stairs were renovated in 2021.

Suburban regeneration in Malminkartano

In late 2020, the City of Helsinki launched a new operating model for suburban regeneration, the objective of which is to improve the comfort and appeal of residential areas comprehensively and facilitate high-quality infill construction. Malminkartano and Kannelmäki together make up one of the three suburban regeneration areas. The other areas are Malmi and Mellunkylä.

In Malminkartano, suburban regeneration means long-term development through urban infill and service development, but also smaller and shorter-term measures to improve the urban environment, e.g. around the station and other public spaces.

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Illustration of what Malminkartano could look like in the future.

Improvement of Malminkartano station area

As a part of suburban regeneration, improvements to the Malminkartano station area will be planned and implemented in 2021–2022. The goal is to renovate and improve the areas so that comfort, perceived safety and appeal increase and the overall quality level becomes higher.

Through renovation, we aim to prolong the lifecycle of existing structures, which is in line with the goals of environmental sustainability. Lighting will be used to improve the sense of security, and also to strengthen the local identity with the help of special lighting.

Things such as benches, bicycle racks, rubbish bins, art, signage and lighting will be renovated and increased. The theme of the plants at the station will be inspired by the fruit orchard of the nearby manor, and biodiversity will also be taken into consideration when selecting the species to be planted.

Malminkartano train station

Current detailed planning projects

  • The planning principles for Malminkartano are being prepared and they will be completed in 2021. 
  • The detailed planning for the area, previously used for education by AEL (Ammatinedistämislaitossäätiö) at Pihkatie street, started based on an idea competition held in autumn 2017. The plan proposal is currently being processed. The AEL education facilities will be replaced by housing construction and a park. The area will have new housing for about 1,300 residents. Read more about the area below.
  • Planning for Malminkartanonhuippu recreation area has started.
  • The use of the centre of Malminkartano above the train station is being explored through a planning competition to combine housing and local nature.

AEL area on Pihkatie street

New housing for 1,300 residents is planned on Pihkatie in Malminkartano, in the area of the former AEL education centre. The area is intended to include a diverse residential area with a rainwater stream winding through it. According to the plan, the area would also have a park that would connect Pihkapuisto and Malminkartanonhuippu into a green corridor.

At the junction of Kaarnatie and Kartanonmetsäntie, a plot is reserved for a new school building for a upper stage comprehensive school and general upper secondary school. In addition to this, the placement of a local energy generation plant in one of the two parking facilities has been studied.

The plan sets the conditions for a climate-smart new residential area that will offer its residents various services and that will have a particularly high-quality rainwater park and local production of renewable heating energy. After being made available for viewing, the changes to the plan will be processed by the City Board.

Visualisation of Pihkatie residential area. INARO

Plans and development projects prepared for the area

Transport connections and location

Malminkartano is located by excellent public transport connections. The P train to the airport and the I train to the city centre run from Malminkartano Railway Station via the Ring Rail Line.

In addition to this, bus lines 39 and 37 run from Malminkartano to the city centre, while trunk line 560 runs eastward from Honkasuo. The crosstown line 51 to Hakaniemi via Käpylä will be replaced by line 59 to Kalasatama via Pasila in autumn 2021.

Functional walking and cycling connections make incidental exercise easy in Malminkartano. The area also has excellent regional accessibility between Vihdintie and Hämeenlinnanväylä, north of Ring I.

Aerial photo of Malminkartano train station

Services and activities

Malminkartano has all necessary local services: daycare centres, schools, local shops, health centre, library and youth centre. The closest shopping centres are in the neighbouring districts of Kannelmäki and Myyrmäki. 

Malminkartano offers wonderful exercise and green services: local parks and playgrounds, recreational areas by Mätäjoki River and the western green finger, and Malminkartanonhuippu recreational hill. Ball game courts and an ice hall, as well as the Myyrmäki and Lassila sports parks, are also nearby.

The exercise stairs at Malminkartanonhuippu were renovated in 2021. The stairs are now wider and feature better lighting and a visitor number tracker.

Exercise stairs in Malminkartano


Special characteristics of the area

  • In the detailed plan for the southern parts of Malminkartano, prepared in the 1980s, has a street network favourable for pedestrians and cyclists. The collector street for car traffic circles the residential area, and safe and pleasant walking and cycling connections remain inside the area. 
  • The terrace and row house block designed by the Swedish architect Ralph Erskine, located south of the railway station, is characteristic of the district’s cityscape. 
  • Malminkartano Railway Station is different to other local train stations in Helsinki: it is located in a tunnel under forested rock. 

Building and a boy on a skateboard

Updated 26.10.2021