Versatile Mellunkylä charms with its greenery.

The growing and developing Mellunkylä offers good services and excellent possibilities for recreation, exercise and hobbies. With more than 38,000 inhabitants, Mellunkylä is one of the key areas for the infill construction in Helsinki. Mellunkylä comprises Mellunmäki, Kontula, Kivikko, Kurkimäki and Vesala.

The new construction expands the diverse building stock of Mellunkylä and there are housing alternatives available for every situation in life. People enjoy life in the green neighbourhood, from the very young to the very old. The construction attracts not only new residents, but also new businesses, while strengthening the existing services and bringing in new ones.

In the future, Mellunkylä's transport links will be further improved, when the Vantaa Tram and the other large traffic projects proceed.

Mellunmäki is currently the fastest growing area in Mellunkylä. New block of flats and detached houses are being built in other parts of Mellunkylä as well – in Kontula, Kivikko, Kurkimäki and Vesala.

Updated 9.3.2021