The residents of Mellunkylä enjoy life in their home district. The services are excellent, there are plenty of green areas, the housing stock is diverse and the transport links are fluent

What is it like to live in Mellunkylä?

In Mellunkylä, services, nature and hobby opportunities are close. The area has not only an excellent park and green area network, but also pine forests and wonderful bare rocks for outdoor recreation.

The area has many events every year, of which part are arranged jointly by volunteering Mellunkylä residents. There are a lot of free-of-charge activities for children and young people, arranged by e.g., three youth centres and numerous playgrounds.

The building stock of Mellunkylä is diverse. There is a solution available for every situation in life. In Mellunkylä, people live in large and small blocks of flats, balcony access blocks, row houses, semi-detached houses and detached houses, in rented housing, right of residence housing and owner-occupied flats. Homes have been built in all decades since the veterans' houses in the 1940s.

Homes for the elderly and students

There is a variety of homes for elderly people and seniors in Mellunkylä. The Kontula service centre, Kontula Helykoti and Attendo Mellunmäki offer possibilities for those in need of different kinds of support or services. The city of Helsinki owns rented housing and right of residence housing objects for seniors in the area.

Student flats are available in Kurkimäki, Kivikko, Kontula and Mellunmäki. All the flats of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) are close to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ new campus area in Myllypuro.

Nature and green areas

The Mellunkylä area is a true cornucopia of greenery. The green areas, parks and forests offer possibilities for outdoors recreation, calming down and even berry picking.

Typical landscapes in Mellunkylä are pine forests and rocks. The yards of the blocks of flats are open and lush. In addition to the sports parks and playgrounds, there are parks, each more attractive than the next, for leisure time activities.

The Aarrepuisto park in Vesala was renovated in 2006. The Mellunkyläpuro brook can be admired from five different bridges. There are about 100 different species of trees, bushes and perennials, some of them rare. In Aarrepuisto, visitors can rest, for example, on the benches of the observation deck.

Vesalanpuisto is an excellent place for families with children. The park has, among other things, illuminated walking paths, pitches and a versatile playground for children.

The schedules for the refurbishments of the parks until 2027 can be viewed in the park plan for the Mellunkylä area.

Flats and houses for sale in Mellunkylä

Updated 3.4.2020