The diverse services are a strength of Mellunkylä. Everyday life is uncomplicated for families with children, for students and for the retired. The opportunities for hobbies are superb, and the BMX track, skiing tube and skateboarding possibilities are unique in Helsinki. The commercial services are available at the Kontula shopping centre.

Comprehensive services in Mellunkylä

In addition to the Kontula shopping centre, the Mellunmäki centre has extensive commercial neighbourhood services, e.g., a supermarket, an Alko, a pharmacy, a car rental, a gym and restaurants. In the Mellunkylä area, there are a'lso numerous smaller grocery stores and individual retail shops.

You can also check out the abundant public services in Mellunkylä on a map application.

Mellunkylä day-care centre and schools

Mellunkylä has a dense day-care network. The day-care centres arrange club activities for children in home care. The clubs are available 2.5–3 hours per day, 1–4 days a week.

In Mellunkylä, there are four primary school with grades 1–6 and a comprehensive school with grades 1–9. In Kontula, there is the Helsingin yhteislyseo, with primary school grades 7–9 and upper secondary school. The upper secondary school has triple the amount of courses in arts, music and sports, compared to a regular upper secondary school.

Vocational studies and university of applied sciences

The closest branches of the Stadin ammattiopisto vocational college are easily accessible in Myllypuro, Roihuvuori, Roihupelto and Malmi.

In Myllypuro, at the campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to study construction and real estate management as well as health care and/or social services. There are around 6,000 students on the campus.


Mellunkylä playground offers free-of-charge activities for children of all ages. Afternoon activities for schoolchildren are offered at the playgrounds Kiikku, Kurkimäki, Kipinäpuisto and Mellunmäki. The playgrounds can also be rented, for example, for family parties outside the opening hours. Free-of-charge summer lunches for children are offered at part of the playgrounds.

Health care services

The health care services of the Mellunkylä residents are at Kontula health station and dental clinic and at Kivikko service centre. In the future, the Mellunkylä residents will use the new health and well-being centre in Myllypuro. It is due to be completed in spring 2020. The new centre will be established in the current Myllypuro and Kontula health stations, and there will also be social services for adults and young people, dental care, service for the disabled and lab services.

The closest child health clinic is in Itäkeskus family centre.

Sports and leisure

In Mellunkylä, there are plenty of sports opportunities, both for team sports and individual sports.

  • The city’s sports parks are open around the year.
  • At Kontula shopping centre, there is a gym maintained by the city, which is open from August to the end of May.
  • The Kivikko skiing hall has the only skiing tube in the metropolitan area, where skiers can improve their condition every day from October to February, regardless of the weather. The basic lap of the skiing track is 850 meters.
  • There are skiing tracks in Mellunmäki and Kivikko. Check out the skiing track network in the city’s map service.
  • Seven ice-skating rinks are frozen when the weather permits it. The condition of the ice-skating rinks can be monitored in the city’s map service. There is also an artificial ice-skating rink in Kontula sports park.
  • The closest swimming hall for the Mellunkylä residents is located in connection to the Kontula shopping centre. At the swimming hall, it is also possible to go to the gym and attend group exercise classes.


Skateboarding and BMX biking

Next to the Kontula metro station is Finland’s largest indoor skateboarding hall, where enthusiast come from far and wide. The hall has 30,000 visitors annually. In the skateboarding hall, it is also possible to do BMX biking on the BMX associations' allotted times, and freestyle scootering on the allotted times for that.

Moreover, a new 2,500 m² skateboarding park is being built in place of the old skateboarding park in Kelkkapuisto. The park is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Read more on the refurbishment of Kelkkapuisto.

Kivikko sports park has the only BMX track of international standards in Finland, which is maintained by Pyöräkrossi Oy and BMX Helsinki ry. It is possible to rent equipment from the track, which also offers arranged hobby activities. The track's opening hours on the Facebook page.

Library and youth centres

The Kontula library has an extensive book and magazine collection and a possibility, among other things, to patch clothes with a sewing machine or print a replacement fridge handle with the 3D printer. A lot of events are arranged at the library for both children and adults. The library is located in the Kontula shopping centre.

There are three youth centres:

  • Youth activity centre Luuppi is located in Kontula. Luuppi has a wood and stone workshop, a skateboarding hall and a rehearsal room and a recording studio for musicians.
  • Kivikko youth centre offers different kinds of clubs from sports to homework and art.
  • At Vesala youth centre, visitors can play pool, table tennis or foosball and throw darts. A dance club, a cook club, a ball club and a sports club meet at Vesala youth centre.
Updated 3.4.2020