The construction volume of Mellunkylä noteworthy in entire Helsinki.  One of the most visible projects is the block entity being constructed near the Kontula shopping centre, but new blocks of flats and detached houses are also being built in Kivikko and Mellunmäki.

This is how Mellunmäki is being built

There are currently more than 500 homes under construction in Mellunkylä, which is around 5 per cent of all the housing under construction in the city. The construction pace is expected to remain stable over the next few years.

The largest housing construction projects are the block entity being built next to the Kontula shopping centre, which includes a tower with up to 16 floors, as well as the Naulakallio area, which is being gradually built in Mellunmäki. City of Helsinki-owned flats are being built along Pyhätunturintie. There are also a lot of infill construction projects underway in Kontula, where new blocks of flats are being built between the old ones. Plots for detached houses are vacant at Lallukantie and Ranckenintie and in Naulakallio.

Construction in the coming years

  • In Mellunmäki, more than 600 homes will be built in Naulakallio, Tankovainio and along Saariseläntie and Pyhätunturintie.
  • In Kontula, almost 300 homes will be built near the shopping centre, and along Kaarenjalka, Keinulaudantie and Keinutie. Additionally, five group homes for the elderly will be completed in connection to the Kontula service centre.

Several improvements in parks and recreation will be carried out with aid from the Suburbs Programme of the Ministry of Enviroment:

  • On the recreation area north of Mellunmäentie there will be built a new excercise area, with equipment designed especially for senior citizens. More benches will be added and a new duckboard path will be designed. 
  • The frisbeegolf course in Kivikko will be refurbished and suplemented so that competitions will be possible. New paths within the course will be constructed and parts of the course will be equipped with lighting.
  • The Luosto park will be supplemented with new playground equipment, a playing field will be constructed and the paddling pool will be refurbished. The lighting will be improved and surface materials, plantings and furnishings will be renewed. The services building in the Mellunmäki playground adjacent to the park will be replaced with a new one and the activities in the playground will be developed to engage the residents better.

Land use planning

Over the next few years, the most important planning objects in Mellunkylä are the centres of Kontula and Mellunmäki. The plans for the area close to the Mellunmäki metro station include new blocks of flats, a student hall of residence, a grocery store, service and business premises, a bus terminal and a terminal point for the Vantaa Tram. The metro blocks area is walking-oriented. In the future, Mellunmäki is a significant junction point for the public transport, especially if all the planned rail connections – the Vantaa Tram, the Jokeri 2 Light Rail and the extension of the metro eastwards – are realised.

The work on the land use planning for Ounasvaarantie 2 and Pallaksentie 1 just off the Mellunmäki centre has been reinitiated. The plan explores increasingly efficient housing construction next to adequate transport links.

The Kontula centre area is reserved for determining the prerequisites for the viability of the development project of the shopping centre companies. The shopping centre continues its operations during this work. The urban environment committee decided in June that the rental agreement for the Kontula shopping centre is extended to 31 December 2025. The reservation for determining the prerequisites for the realisation of the development project is valid through 31 May 2024, after which the city proposes a reservation and assignment of the area to the renter, if it turns out that the project is viable.

The development of the Kontula centre is meant to enable a growing population in the area and the services that the residents need in the future. Realising the project will support the vitality of the area and strengthen the commercial position of the area in connection to the metro station.

Many infill construction projects are underway in Mellunkylä – that is why principles for infill construction are gradually being worked out for the area. These principles will take into account the current character and the scenic value of the area and the future outlook from the land use perspective. A draft of the principles for the infill construction in Kontula was completed in February 2019. The drafting of the principles for the infill construction in Mellunmäki and Vesala started in autumn 2019.

The advancements in the land use planning can be followed on the city's website.

Street construction

The streets are often constructed and repaired in connection to house building projects or when there is a need to change the traffic arrangements for some other reason. Changes to the land use plan are accompanied by traffic plans, where the traffic arrangements are in accordance with the new land use plan.

The schedule for the street construction is connected to the schedules for the house building. The final finishing of the streets is often carried out only when the house building project has been completed and the worksite functions do not affect the surrounding street space.

Updated 9.3.2021