A week left – submit your ideas on the OmaStadi.hel.fi platform

Uutta Helsinkiä

The people of Helsinki have engaged in the first round of the participatory budgeting with excitement. More than 500 development proposals for people's own neighbourhoods have already been submitted. It is possible to submit ideas on the OmaStadi.hel.fi web service or at the workshops until 9 December.

All the proposals can be read on the OmaStadi.hel.fi website.

The City of Helsinki has for the first time reserved €4.4 million from its budget, the use of which the city residents will decide on.  The funds of the participatory budgeting have been shared according to the population between seven major districts. Almost €900,000 of the total sum has been reserved for proposals developing the entire City.

In spring, the City invites everyone who has submitted proposals to make plans, for which a cost estimate will be calculated. These plans will then advance to voting. The plans are crafted at joint events and in the OmaStadi service, where everyone can follow and comment on the development of the plans. 

How can I participate in the brainstorming? Link

The following stages: Link to previous news on the topic 

You can read on the OmaStadi.hel.fi website what has already been proposed in your area. Proposals are mainly in Finnish. 

There is a short summary about the seven major districts in Helsinki.