Malmi airport buildings protected

Uutta Helsinkiä
Malmi airport


The Helsinki City Council approved at its meeting of 16 January 2019 an alteration to the detailed plan for the buildings of the Malmi airport. As a result of the alteration to the plan, the airport’s terminal building, hangar and garage are protected as buildings with high value from architectural and historical perspectives and in terms of their contribution to the cityscape. 

The alteration to the detailed plan designates the buildings as non-residential buildings and enables diverse uses. The buildings can accommodate public services, commercial operations, offices, teaching facilities, warehouses, exhibition spaces, meeting spaces, cafés and restaurants, sports facilities and other recreational operations. 

The total floor area of the protected buildings is 7,500 square metres. The area covered by the detailed plan is part of the nationally significant Finnish built environment. 

All decisions made by the City Council meeting of 16 January can be read in the meetingdocument (in Finnish).