New service for jobseekers opens in Helsinki


Jobseekers surveyed with customer interviews have expressed to the City of Helsinki and the local TE employment services wishes for a new informal service where they could obtain advice on work and education. Their wishes are now met with a new information and advice service, the employment service plaza (Työllisyyden palvelutori) located at the lobby of the Pasila TE Office in Helsinki. 

The employment service plaza is a service for jobseekers aged 30 or over. It seeks to accelerate its customers’ employment and entry to education or training. Younger customers are served elsewhere, such as Ohjaamo Helsinki meant for 15- to -29-year-olds. 

Personal guidance in job seeking,education and training

The employment service plaza provides assistance to customers in job seeking, with education and training alternatives and with career planning. Customers are served with various meetings focusing on education and training, digital skills and job seeking. Regular recruiting events allow customers to meet with employers and to hear about work opportunities. 

Customers are served at the employment service plaza by a City of Helsinki career counsellor and a TE Office coordinator. In addition to them, the lobby is regularly staffed by teachers and study counsellors representing the City of Helsinki Education Division, a digital services adviser representing the Digirasti project, a corporate coordinator and staff of various employment projects. 

No need for an appointment

The Helsinki employment service plaza is located at the lobby of the Pasila TE Office at Ratapihantie 7 (entrance through Veturitori). The plaza is open from Tuesday to Thursday, 10:00–15:00. There are no appointments, and personal guidance is available daily during service hours. 

The employment service plaza serves customers according to the following weekday plan: 

  • Tuesdays: The focus is on information searches.  A Digirasti expert on hand provides guidance
  • Wednesdays: A study counsellor and teachers offer help with specific questions related to education and training.
  • Thursdays: Recruitment events and information sessions related to job seeking.

The employment service plaza is an experiment carried out jointly byHelsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and the Uusimaa TE Office through 2019. The servicesare located at the Iso Omena Service Centre in Espoo and at TYP on Vernissakatuin Vantaa, as well as in Helsinki. The employment service plazas are staffed byemployees of both TE Services and the employment services of the cities. 

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