collects ideas of a more functional Helsinki

Uutta Helsinkiä

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori has opened a web service, through which anyone can submit their ideas to develop a more functional Helsinki. The aim is to find concrete ideas on how Helsinki could become an increasingly service-minded, sustainable and creative city.

Helsinki needs the best ideas to be able to develop into the most functional city in the world and to serve its residents better. There are already clear goals for achieving this objective: to double the number of places in education and early childhood education in English, to invest more in electronic services and to simplify the permit procedures in order to make it easier, for example, to arrange events.

There is still a need for more ideas, which can be submitted under eight different themes. The themes are an increasingly service-minded, sustainable, creative, mobile, international, fun, smart and clean Helsinki. The ideas submitted to the service can also be commented.

The service is open until the end of March at