At Teurastamo Easter Market you can enjoy delicacies, pet animals and get ready for the upcoming election!


Organized already for the fifth time, the Easter Market on saturday 13.4. is full of festive flavors, chocolates and design from flowers to kitchenware. The animal yard offers things to do for the whole family and at the election square you can follow some last-minute debates!

The Easter Market is going to be visible all over the premises of Teurastamo. It’s a casual event with spring vibes, where you can meet people, eat, get inspired and of course do some shopping.
A special addition in this year’s event are the animal yard and the election square! At the animal yard you can admire and pet animals like alpacas, mini-sheep and bunnies. The smaller visitors have a chance to hop on a pony ride and families can enjoy a horse carriage. Instead, at the election square the last campaign juices are being squeezed out of the parties – on the eve of the election day!

The Delicacy-market is a series of seasonal events. On Easter, the theme is spring celebration, summer is about enjoying barbeque treats in the garden, in autumn we’ll be enjoying the harvest and on Christmas the market is going to be preparing you for the big holiday! On the delicacy market you can get flavors to your plate from near and far, get ideas for the kitchen and inspiration for the table setting, and of course you can also eat!

Teurastamo Easter Market 13.4.2019:

Delicacy market – Easter delicacies and ideas from one place, Kellohalli.
Animal yard – Ponies, horse carriage, bunnies, alpacas and miniature sheep.
Chocolates – Traditional artisan chocolate sales event at Flavor Studio. Including Gagú, Chjoko, Mayra and Petri´s Chokolade Room.
Dish flea market – Bring treasures for sale or come to make new findings!
Yard market – Market square feeling, sale stalls and street food.
Election square – On the eve of the election day the parties present themselves at their own event.
Teurastamo’s restaurants – The restaurants at the area are open!

Delicacy market, Yard market, Chocolates and Dish flea market 10 - 17
Animal yard 11 - 15
Election square 11 - 16
Teurastamo restaurants (Check the opening hours at

Teurastamo Delicacy market / Easter
Sat 13.4. from 10 - 17
Teurastamo, Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Hki
Free admission

More information can be found at the event’s site onfacebook and Teurastamo's website.

The vendors can be found on facebook and Teurastamo’s website, where the information is being updated.