Decision to be made on the local detailed plan for Hakaniemenranta

City Centre

Hakaniemenranta will be renewed during the coming decade, as the area will be seeing new parks and residential construction along with the tramway system of the Crown Bridges project. The Hakaniemenranta town plan proposal will be presented to the Urban Environment Committee for decision on 9 April 2019.

Hakaniemenranta will be renewed in the 2020s. A new bridge, Merihaansilta, will be built for the Crown Bridges project tramway system to connect Nihti in south Kalasatama to Merihaka. Hakaniemensilta will be renovated in connection with the construction of the Crown Bridges tramway. The renovated bridge will be taking up less space.

Altering the routes of the roads will free up building land to enable the construction of a total of three new residential blocks. More than one thousand new residents will be moving into the area. The first floors of the residential blocks are reserved for commercial purposes. New waterfront parks will be built in Hakaniemenranta and Kruununhaka. There are going to be two new harbours, one of which is a marina and the other a harbour for commercial boat traffic.

A new market-based parking model is to be piloted in the waterfront blocks in Hakaniemenranta, meaning that property developers will be able to decide on the number of parking spaces independently.

An idea competition was organised one year ago to provide a basis for the local detailed plan. The winner was Arkkitehtitoimisto Harris–Kjisik Oy and VSU maisema-arkkitehdit Oy. The best ideas from the winning entry have been developed in the plan proposal, and the winning entry has been combined with the tramway and the Hakaniemensilta plans.

A local detailed plan was drafted for the area earlier. It included a plot for a hotel as well as a square located to the east of the hotel and the related waterfront areas.

The City Council will be making a final decision on the local detailed plan.

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