Thousands of ideas for the future of Malmi centre

Uutta Helsinkiä

The Malmi centre is a beloved and important place for the local residents. The future of the Malmi centre attracted a great deal of feedback in an online survey. The survey results are on display at Malmi House until 18 April, and ideas are gathered from residents in a meeting on 11 April held at Malmi House. 

The survey was organized in late 2018 to serve as a basis of zoning. The survey, implemented on a map, was taken by 1,155 residents, and messages posted on the map numbered nearly 6,800. 

The Malmi Station area and the area between the Ylä-Malmi and Ala-Malmi market squares are a pulsating core of the neighbourhood, which encouraged respondents to give both positive and negative feedback. 

“The respondents appreciated the current good public transport connections and services of Malmi. They asked for improvements in local cleanliness and safety. They envisioned the future Malmi as a pleasant, clean and green place ­– a versatile, lively and beautiful centre for all citizens of Helsinki,” says architect Antti Mentula, thanking all respondents. 

Welcome to anexhibition until 18 April and meeting on 11 April at Malmi House

The survey results are on display at Malmi House until 18 April. The Malmi planners can be met at a meeting at Malmi House on 11 April, starting at 17:30. The survey results are discussed by residents in groups, and the views put forth are compiled. 

The planners will also be on hand at the Malmi Day event on Saturday, 18 April, to talk about the survey and how plans have proceeded over the winter months. 

Brainstormingattracted more than 80 Malmi residents 

Survey respondents were invited to join a group to brainstorm about the planning. Among other questions, the group envisions the future of the Malmi centre with the planners. 

“There were more than 80 candidates for the group, and we could include 15 of them,” says interaction planner Tiina Antila-Lehtonen. The participants comprise a diverse group of residents of Malmi and neighbouring areas.”