New, unique heat pump utilising sea water heat to be built in Vuosaari

Uutta Helsinkiä

Helen will build a heat pump in connection with the Vuosaari power plant, utilising the power plant’s own cooling water circulation and the heat of sea water as heat sources. A heat pump of this scale utilising the heat of the sea water is unique in Finland.

Helen aims to reduce emissions from energy production and increase the amount of renewable energy. The company has recently invested especially in heat pumps and heat accumulators, and the new heat pump to be built in Vuosaari pursues the same objectives. What is novel in the Vuosaari solution is the utilisation of the heat of sea water – this has not been tested in Helsinki or, as far as we know, anywhere else in Finland until now. The heat pump will utilise thermal energy absorbed in sea water during the summer and the excess heat from the internal cooling water circulation in the Vuosaari power plants, turning it into district heat.

Heat pump investments are part of a climate-neutral future

The smart energy system and the district heating and cooling networks in Helsinki make it possible to combine new technologies and production methods in a flexible way. At Helen, heat pumps are seen as an important part of the future energy system: they are a natural way to utilise new heat sources in district heat production.

The Katri Vala and the Esplanade heating and cooling plants have already been built in Helsinki. It is possible to produce the majority of the required district heat in the summer by recycling waste and excess heat. The Katri Vala heating and cooling plant is currently being extended with a new, sixth heat pump, and the Vuosaari heat pump will increase Helen’s recycled heat production even further.

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