City scooters piloted in Vuosaari

Uutta Helsinkiä

A new city scooter service is piloted in the eastern Helsinki district of Vuosaari over the summer 2019 season. The service comprises approximately 300 scooters, half of them regular kick scooters and the other half electric scooters, available from 28 scooter stations in Vuosaari.  

The service has opened with 7 stations in the vicinity of the Vuosaari Metro station. The rest of the stations will be installed in the near future. A scooter can be used with a mobile app, and the charge is by the minute. The pilot service is a joint project by Helsinki Region Transport HSL and Samocat Sharing. The pilot will continue to the end of October. 

“We use the Vuosaari pilot to test how well scooters function both as an integral part of public transport services and independently. The Helsinki city centre is served by station-less electric scooters from a few providers. But in Vuosaari we’re testing an alternative with stations. With stations, scooters aren’t left wherever, and they can always be found at the known locations,” says HSL Senior Advisor TarjaJääskeläinen. 

The service is maintained by Samocat Sharing, which provides the app for the service. Scooters are released from a station with the app by scanning the QR code that can be found next to each available scooter. The electric scooters are orange, and the kick scooters are yellow. A scooter can be returned without the app at any scooter station. The use is charged to the charge card entered into the app when registering as a scooter user.  

Scooter stations and available scooters are shown on the HSL Journey Planner.  

“Electric scooters surely excite many, but I recommend users also to try out regular kick scooters. Kick scooters provide you with beneficial physical activity and extra excitement to your day!” Jääskeläinen encourages. 

The use of the service will be monitored and customer surveys conducted during the pilot. The goal of the pilot is to find out the potential demand for the service. With enough demand, the service could be continued and expanded on a commercial basis without support from HSL. 

Read more about the use of city scooters on the HSL city scooter page.  

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